Monday, December 24, 2012

Quiet your dreams, your voice

To anyone who is reading this, merry Christmas Eve! I have a terribly good feeling about this Christmas, that in the midst of all the troubles gone through lately, the days will be better than before. This change may well be all for the better, even though I had not expected or wanted this.

Vagueness aside, how can anyone not melt at this? Kitty says good morning!

That's it, I'm off to study? Two weeks of intensive study is officially starting today, couldn't do that without brushing dust off my blog first. Here's a song I'm very much addicted to currently. There's something about that edgy atmosphere and her haunting vocals that keeps me coming back for more. Hmm.

P.S. the title is partly quoted from a Warsan Shire post titled Be Small For Me (bitterly apt for the recent happenings)