Monday, October 29, 2012


I've had a fairly amazing weekend compared to the few days before that. Time passes extra fast when you're surrounded by friends. Good times. Stopped bumming for trial results.

For starters, I went skating. For the first time. The first time was supposed to be left to go with the boyfie but he is so busy nowadays. The social calendar is so full that I don't even know when he's going out with his classmates *which is a lot*. *sighs*

 I'm only putting this pic cuz I like myself in it. :p Surprisingly, the Kevin who constantly annoys was extremely helpful in the rink. Brownie points earned indeed.

And that's the whole group that went. I kept failing at taking the group shot so in the end I scooted to the back. Tsk tsk. 

Me with my girls! All of us had never went skating before. And I just have to bring this up... While everyone else who thinks they know me well keep telling me I'm going to die in there, I did not fall on my own! I did not get any bruises or scratches! A-ma-zing.

Then on day 2, I went shopping at Mid Valley with the long lost bestie who came back from Kampar. Pics taken at Gardens after enjoying this.

I think I've got a pretty good shot? The topping is pumpkin seeds and oreo crumbs. Love it.

I talked to her so much while at Din Tai Fung I let my noodles go cold and soggy. So kids, never talk while you're eating. Makes much more sense now.

And here's the haul of the day.

Mango drawstring bag and Topshop chevron stripe sleeveless dress. Major reductions.

Kevin's got me hooked to some Taylor Swift songs. I can now see *hear, actually* that her new album is much  more better than the old one. I've always felt her previous songs were nice but boring. Really like this one because there is Snow Patrol in it. Gary Lightbody's voice is just magical. Taylor Swift may not have the best voice ever, but she always comes out with amazing collaborations.

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