Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Furry Story

Disclaimer: Major cuteness ahead. 

When I was 7, I read this book by R.L Stein (remember him?) about murderous cats. I think it was my first R.L. Stein book. Or first attempt to the horror genre. Yes, a young, tender age of 7 reading R.L. Stein. What I remembered was being slightly terrified of the story. And cats. And by slightly terrified, I mean it didn't stop me from collecting more of R.L. Stein's books. Adrenaline junkie here? 

But I digress.

In my neighbourhood, there are quite a lot of cats. Both stray cats and pet cats. Both stray cats and pet cats run around the streets. Both stray cats and pet cats look almost the same. As in, either entirely black or white or agouti mackarel (not much of agouti blotched or agouti spotted :p) 

Since I moved to the room at the back, my neutrality towards cats started shifting to the negative. Because my walls are not soundproof and cats seem to be quite noisy at night. They just love to linger at that low wall at the backyard. Sometimes, they fight, and sometimes they just keep on meowing. 

In retrospect, maybe it was the season of meowing very loudly. Since nowadays I don't hear much, even when there's a cat living permanently at the back. 

Around 4 months ago, this black tabby gave birth to 3 kittens at my backyard. Whenever anyone went near the cat mom, it would hiss and act aggressive. It wouldn't leave. It would go out and find food and come back to care for the kittens. 

Here are the kittens around 2 weeks old? I have never seen kittens that tiny before, plus they all look extremely cute. So I got fascinated. Gave them milk and bread occasionally and even Googled what do cats eat.

 Surprisingly, these kittens were very quiet and only mewed when the mother came back from food-searching or morning strolls to the neighbour's house to piss off the dog there. There were of course sibling fights once they got a bit older but those fights were not the hissing, scratching kind. More of the 'let's roll around and bite each other' kind of fight. Mainly silent.

This was originally my favourite because she's the friendliest. The other two wouldn't dare to go near people. Ironically, this one ended to be the one that never came back to visit after knowing how to jump and climb out.  -.-

And this was the one who was most scared of people. But sometimes she would get curious. Just not much. It was so anti social it didn't even mingle much with the other two. She was also rebellious. First one to climb the highest and drop off over the wall and had to get rescued by the cat mom back into. Also the first one who succeeded in getting out to walk around. What I learnt from this: kitty see, kitty do. The other two saw the white one getting out, so they started to want to get out too. First, they will get used to climbing up to the railings. Few days after getting used to that, they just jumped off and out into the open. For the first week, all of them returned from their outings. The next week, this whitish one disappeared. Few days later, the remaining two disappeared as well.

The one who returned was the brownish one. It only stayed for a few nights then it ran off again.

The black tabby never returned. *WHY*

And I thought I would never hear of the white rebellious kitty. Never really liked her much anyway. She would hiss whenever I go near.

In the end, it came back. As a brainwashed kitty. She came back in the night, with a loud thump. Ever since coming back, she seldom went out. She didn't refuse people touching her either. In fact, she loves it. There was one time that she did, but she came in through the front door. I have no idea how she knew it was our house. Maybe she recognized my sister sitting on the sofa watching TV. Just tapped on the glass door and meowed to be let in. So we got her back to the back, where she seems to love. Must be tired of the outside world. :p 

Soooo... She's my new favourite kitty. My grandfather, on the other hand, has liked it since day 1. Even when she was a hissy little kitty. Gives her a load of food. 


  • Is scared of the vacuum cleaner. Or the hair dryer. Actually, both fascinated and scared. Whenever my grandpa vacuums the floor, her eyes will be fixed on him and the vacuum, but never dared to go near. 
  • Likes peering from outside the windows. 
  • Obsessed with human company. 
  • Obsessed with rugs and the bristles of the broom. Or smooth surfaces. 
  • Calls out to people whenever they come out to the back. 
  • Would be a potential football player if she were human. Likes to play with cockroaches, which is abundant outside, treating it like a ball. Kicking it away and catching it again, repeat. There was one time she found a screw, and treated it the same way.
  • Likes sleeping in the sink out at the back.
  • Extremely good in hiding. And running away from the big cats who recently loves to pick fights with her. Though never succeeded because she is just that good at hiding.
  • Likes a good rub. But scared of excess water.
  • When no one is there to play with her, runs around back and forth.
  • Occasionally gets visits from the cat mom and loves those visits. But never follows the mom out. Stays put at the backyard. Or nearby anyway.
  • Does not like eating in the presence of humans. Prefers playing unless experiencing extreme hunger. Or the smell of food is too overwhelming. 
  • At night whenever not catching cockroaches, she likes to sit at the edge of the railings and ponder about life. At least I think that's what she looked like doing.
  • Kitty no likey tickling.
  • Still has no name. Because she will always be at the door when I get the keys *sharp hearing* If she's out for a stroll, she will come back if she hears knocking of the door. Then she just goes for the feet.
  • Was once adventurous with choice of food. Tried cockroach and puked it on the floor outside. 
  • Does not seem to recognize the difference between sand and concrete. Scratches on the floor like it was sand then shitting on 'hole' she thought she made. Nowadays seem to know the difference. Based on the lack of shit on the floor.
  • Is learning how to get the door to open. Knows how to knock on the door.
And that's the end of observations for now. 

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