Saturday, August 4, 2012


What a roller coaster week. A lot of revelations and a lot of work to do. Ok maybe not so much because I still have time to procrastinate and do stuff I shouldn't be doing. Peeps I am just kinda overwhelmed this week. But at the end of the day no matter how out of place everything seems to be I am still convinced problems will get fixed. It just takes a little more time before everything is considered normal or better.

Anyway I am so grateful to have awesome friends around. Even those who are not in the same college with me but they will still have my back (yes Yi Xin you. Your message was adorable) when the going gets tough.

Wokay... enough of sappy stuff, picture time! Theme: Chin Xin Yi.

I am very proud of my sense of humour here. My birthday gift picked for her is the most adorable rice spoon you'll ever see. It was love at first sight back at Typo where I bought it. We're not at the photo frame/ cups stage anymore, time has come to gift kitchen utensils! Now every time she cooks the rice for the guys she'll remember me ;)

And to end this post there's one very funny question and answer from Justin who's also awesome at cheering people up that I just had to highlight:
Q: what do you bring to a deserted island?
A: a genie lamp with unlimited wishes.

Gotta be the best survivor ever. ;)

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