Saturday, August 25, 2012


Life is like a piece of tiramisu, the bittersweet taste to be enjoyed and taken in small bites.

Most random heading ever? Craving for sweet stuff while I am typing this! Kinda missing the banana cream pie I had yesterday which was shared with him. The last time I ate that pie, I was alone in Pav and made a mess out of everything because I only had a plastic fork. Although it was good, but the portion was clearly not for a person like me. Made me bloated the whole day and just feeling plain lousy because of the things that happened recently. Guess food tastes better when shared *or may I add when shared with someone endearing ;)*

My most recent bad episode is finally done, at least for now it seems to be getting the closure it needs. Definitely a cause to celebrate. Hence the load of good food I had yesterday. Plus a little retail therapy. Just a little. :D

So shoo away for now, negativity! Mood swings, saboteurs disguised as friends, shoo!

Favourite song of the week. So over Ed Sheeran now. Haha. Sia's voice is therapeutic. :D

OK, I guess I'll have to return to the pile of maths homework I neglected now.
Happy weekend peeps! Play nice! xD Ciao. :p

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