Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alert: recruit new BFF lolol

I've neglected my blog lately and now I'm here just because I want to get something out so that someone could read it but not everyone on Facebook so Blogger it is. I know no one reads the blog nowadays but it is still considered public so yea.

Lately thanks to Elena I got reminded of something that I've really needed but had always put it off because I didn't find it attainable. Now I realized what a huge gaping hole there is and I just can't ignore it. I tried filling it but failed. Suddenly my daily life seems so so bland. I need something. Huge.

So there's this huge imbalance I'm trying to express but no one gets it. Actually there is no chance to express it. Everyone is busy. My closest friends don't go online and they are busy too. That guy? Forget it. Just plain disappointing. Given up. At least for now. I was hoping maybe he could get it but some things are not for everyone I guess.

Conclusion: new BFF needed. Or new purpose. Whatever that keeps me numb.

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