Sunday, July 29, 2012

I like my blog

I just couldn't think of a proper title. Getting so not creative nowadays. :( Every time I post something that is close to the heart and more personal, I feel obliged to top it with another post full of pictures and in most cases, a happier one. So here's bits and pieces from recently. The photo quality does not do my Lumix any justice. I should really work on the skill sometime.

Love these two to bits. Girlfriends since primary school! The other amigo is taking our picture.

Went out with the boyfie during the holidays. A very satisfying meal after heavy shopping at Mango. Poor him became THAT GUY. You know, one of those sad, bored-out-of-their-mind boyfriends/ husbands standing outside the fitting room waiting. If I remembered correctly, this is chicken teriyaki. Yum.

Loot from Mango. I finally scored the perfect chambray and the perfect pastel jeans! Fits me so good too. Just deliciously skinny. Excuse me if the term is narcissistic and may seem offensive to anorexics and people trying to be skinny. Rephrase: Deliciously toned. My other jeans are not branded and of cheaper quality so I usually need a belt to make it not slip when I walk. Hip and thigh ratio not according to usual standards. :( Note to self: Never settle for ill-fitting jeans! Also the perfect grey tee. It's so soft and flowy. And that floral cardigan! Omigosh I've never loved Mango so much. Sales are awesome! :D

The only memorable dish at Modesto's. The dishes that I liked - one was a dish with three different desserts and the other three different types of pasta (gnocchi, risotto and another one I forgot) they cut it out from their menu! Gosh. It was such a bummer. I had raved about it for so long after my first visit and was hoping for a good meal during my 2nd anniversary! My mom would laugh so hard if she knew. I've got the food curse -.- (anything I desperately want to eat always comes late or is not available on the visit) Gahhh. That's apple pie by the way.
Outfit for the opening act of Midsummer Masquerade. I love the black dress! It's got a cutout at the back and the neckline is perfect! Designed by my aunt. Necklace from Pink Evil Fashion Supermarket (gosh, what a long name for a boutique).

And then finally, my so called costume for the night! I'm not really sure what the theme is. It's something like nerd/ western style? Left my printed nerdy specs at home though. I look extremely orange in all the photos that night. Grrr. 

That's all for now. Am dead tired. Homework tomorrow. Another gathering tomorrow. Lunch at One World. Hectic week coming up as well. I seriously need to go redeem my Kinokuniya member voucher soon. I wanna get so many books! Haven't been reading much lately, it makes me feel so depleted! Ok, maybe that's not exactly an appropriate word to describe life without books. I want to get a book hangover! But not a heavy one. Thus I've made my own reading remix list:

1) something crime/ thriller 2) Douglas Adams! Hilarious sci-fi. 3) Something that won a literary prize that will most probably leave a heavy hangover after it's finished. The latest book that got me hooked was A Thousand Splendid Suns and surprisingly, The Fault in Our Stars 4) A waddaya-call-it autobiography? Ellen Degeneres' Seriously... I'm Kidding or Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson 5) and if I'm really up to it, something ridiculous like Fifty Shades of Grey (OK, Christian Grey was a character that showed promise but then E.L. James... failed) 

OK. Seriously enough babbling. I just love coming up to my blog to rant and rave. Annoy you guys another time then. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alert: recruit new BFF lolol

I've neglected my blog lately and now I'm here just because I want to get something out so that someone could read it but not everyone on Facebook so Blogger it is. I know no one reads the blog nowadays but it is still considered public so yea.

Lately thanks to Elena I got reminded of something that I've really needed but had always put it off because I didn't find it attainable. Now I realized what a huge gaping hole there is and I just can't ignore it. I tried filling it but failed. Suddenly my daily life seems so so bland. I need something. Huge.

So there's this huge imbalance I'm trying to express but no one gets it. Actually there is no chance to express it. Everyone is busy. My closest friends don't go online and they are busy too. That guy? Forget it. Just plain disappointing. Given up. At least for now. I was hoping maybe he could get it but some things are not for everyone I guess.

Conclusion: new BFF needed. Or new purpose. Whatever that keeps me numb.