Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Tropical Garden looks like this...

I seldom travel overseas so I do not know much about foreign cultures and travel destinations. I only get to know bits and pieces from other people's eyes. But that is not the same with your own, so the feelings and adventures they have on the same country may not concur with yours. After coming back from Thailand, I feel like asking: Ng Yen Yen, why you no make our tourism spots as fancy as them?

They have good service and the places that are crawling with visitors deserve every bit of attention. For example, this tropical garden here - Nongnooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya. The entrance is situated opposite a very busy road and going in, you'd never expect such a big paradise hidden within. They have the loveliest gardens. We went on a little tour around the place on a shuttle. The driver was speaking in Thai so I have the slightest idea what he was saying when he introduced the different spots. I took a lot of pictures that day, but these are the ones that I feel like posting.  

 There is a mini Stonehenge park and the only word I can use to describe is cute. Haha.
 For plants, bonsais, whatnot. I remember passing by a vegetation farm too.

 Close-up of a maze thingy. There are so many questions I have for this place. What are these white constructions for? What imitation is this?

 Very Alice in Thai Wonderland, no? 

I sincerely find this a bit disturbing. It just got me thinking, is this a sign of objectification of women in the olden days?

 We ended up watching the Thai cultural show and the elephant performance afterwards. The cultural show is a tad bit boring for me, but the elephant show was amazing. I know a lot of people have seen it but this is my first time witnessing elephants painting, play all kinds of sports, and ride on these things. They are definitely no 'dumbos'. As what most would agree on, they are smart, gentle animals.

I was feeding it a banana. They love bananas! Bananas are part of their reward system. I guess that's what they use as rewards during training. There are a few Thai kids wearing shirts that say 'Banana Team' selling bananas for 40 baht a bunch. After every stunt they pulled off, they will come around near the audience looking for bananas. Some will give them money, but they won't eat it of course. They will dutifully hand it to the supervisors.

Finally, to end this post, a plate of mango sticky rice I had at Central Festival's food court. Absolutely delicious and a must-try at Thailand. Their mangoes are awesome! But I think I've repeated that loads of times already. :D

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