Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great Departure - Thailand

I have never been a huge fan of going on trips. There are so many ways the trip can go wrong and usually in my case, arguments and bad habits. But of course all this can be prevented if there is good pre-trip planning and the people going with you are compatible. *hint hint ;)* But this was one I had been looking forward for over a year. For shopaholics on budget, this is like the Holy Grail of shopping - Bangkok. Never mind that the first two days will be spent in Pattaya, I'll get loads of compensation over the last two days.

Anyway, here's what went on during the first day. :D

1. At LCCT about to go on board the Air Asia flight. Definitely not as glamorous as KLIA, but the new building will soon be complete and I heard it will be so much nicer and provide passengers with a sheltered walkway to the plane.

2. Siblings and I.

3. There are some very interesting pictures on the wall when arriving at the Bangkok airport.

4. Stayed at this small little hotel - April Suites. It had a very homely feel to it and the room looks great.

5. Pasta carbonara with bacon slices. Simply divine. One of the perks of being in Thailand is that everywhere is non-Halal. This was taken at a German restaurant down the street. I forgot what's the restaurant's name though. 

6. Sister's dish. Steak? 

7. Then off to Central Festival mall for dessert. 

8. Mango parfait. One does not simply not taste mangoes when they are in Thailand. 

9. There was a shooting gallery on the top floor. Interesting place. The woman target inside sort of reminds me of the ghost in Insidious.

10. There are so many dessert stalls to explore. I think it's way better than bubble tea stalls flooding the malls in Malaysia. 

Knit sweater from Taiwan, Zara pink tank top, Romp jeans, SW belt, TS colour block bag, Nose platform wedges

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