Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dress up. Random vain pix.

This was day 2 at Pattaya. A candid shot taken by my mom. I love my Vincci lace brogues. :D

And this was day 2 at Bangkok. Deeper and Harder faux leather cap, Diva earrings, Cotton On necklace, Mango shirt

Day 1 at Bangkok. Top, dress, belt - Random shops. Flats from Vincci, not-so-visible arm swag from G&H.

A Tropical Garden looks like this...

I seldom travel overseas so I do not know much about foreign cultures and travel destinations. I only get to know bits and pieces from other people's eyes. But that is not the same with your own, so the feelings and adventures they have on the same country may not concur with yours. After coming back from Thailand, I feel like asking: Ng Yen Yen, why you no make our tourism spots as fancy as them?

They have good service and the places that are crawling with visitors deserve every bit of attention. For example, this tropical garden here - Nongnooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya. The entrance is situated opposite a very busy road and going in, you'd never expect such a big paradise hidden within. They have the loveliest gardens. We went on a little tour around the place on a shuttle. The driver was speaking in Thai so I have the slightest idea what he was saying when he introduced the different spots. I took a lot of pictures that day, but these are the ones that I feel like posting.  

 There is a mini Stonehenge park and the only word I can use to describe is cute. Haha.
 For plants, bonsais, whatnot. I remember passing by a vegetation farm too.

 Close-up of a maze thingy. There are so many questions I have for this place. What are these white constructions for? What imitation is this?

 Very Alice in Thai Wonderland, no? 

I sincerely find this a bit disturbing. It just got me thinking, is this a sign of objectification of women in the olden days?

 We ended up watching the Thai cultural show and the elephant performance afterwards. The cultural show is a tad bit boring for me, but the elephant show was amazing. I know a lot of people have seen it but this is my first time witnessing elephants painting, play all kinds of sports, and ride on these things. They are definitely no 'dumbos'. As what most would agree on, they are smart, gentle animals.

I was feeding it a banana. They love bananas! Bananas are part of their reward system. I guess that's what they use as rewards during training. There are a few Thai kids wearing shirts that say 'Banana Team' selling bananas for 40 baht a bunch. After every stunt they pulled off, they will come around near the audience looking for bananas. Some will give them money, but they won't eat it of course. They will dutifully hand it to the supervisors.

Finally, to end this post, a plate of mango sticky rice I had at Central Festival's food court. Absolutely delicious and a must-try at Thailand. Their mangoes are awesome! But I think I've repeated that loads of times already. :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So I have a really long holiday.

I think I am supposed to go look for a part time job. But the people who know well about this kind of stuff (sales assistant/ people giving free samples/ etc) I don't know so well. And I have always felt a tad bit uncomfortable around them, like we will never ever be more than hi-bye acquaintances and there's this huge barrier between me and these people but I don't wanna bother about it. Yay me and my problem-solving methods. Haha. Anyway, there's one job that I can go for but that place is currently LOADED with drama and the last time I went, I had so many reasons I don't like about it including the job I was given, the things I have to hear on the way to work, the time sucked out. I was like a zombie going around the things I have to do, and because zombies have little brain capacity and low work productivity, that was me at the end of the day. Out of say 10 things I might very well screw up 7 or 8. It was pretty traumatic, and what I remember most is on the way to work every day. I would put on my earphones but the volume is not high enough to block out the noise next to me. I know it's all for earning money and that's where most of my pretty stuff comes from but hearing those conversations (and I try not to) I just can go crazy. Like banging my head on the window kind of crazy. I do not know how to describe it aptly enough except the fact that I hate listening to my dad talking on the phone for half an hour straight every morning. It just sucks the life out of me.

Anyway back to nicer things.

Me and my cheesecake. In some Japanese restaurant at Pavilion. It's pretty awesome cheesecake from Slice of Heaven btw. Why am I posing with my cheesecake? Because MJ a.k.a Miss Elusive is taking my picture. Someday when I have enough guts I'm going to grab her and force her to take a picture of us together HAHAHA. It's been about half a year since we last met, talked in real, shared details of our little day-to-day action. At first I was wondering if things would screw up in the end because I go out with friends so rarely and my conversational skills are probably NIL.

In retrospect, the outing was quite good. Love her to bits. Loads of the usual girl-goes-on-outing stuff: talk, eat, shop. It always surprises me how not-awkward these outings go. Yes human company is beneficial. Don't let one or two sucky ones (oh like the epic 2008 meet up) let you get cynical or pessimistic.

A load of our sharing sessions was about college life, schoolmates and gossip about who we knew in high school. Everyone's everywhere it's so hard to keep track. Glad to share I have pretty cool college peeps and everyone's really nice. Makes me develop hope in human company. OK I sound weird now.

Signing off.

P.S. I love every picture MJ takes. I am looking incredibly haggard and panda-ish that day but this shot didn't look so bad. Compared to the tons of pictures taken elsewhere which I don't even dare to look at much. And now you know why I don't post much pictures of myself haha.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great Departure - Thailand

I have never been a huge fan of going on trips. There are so many ways the trip can go wrong and usually in my case, arguments and bad habits. But of course all this can be prevented if there is good pre-trip planning and the people going with you are compatible. *hint hint ;)* But this was one I had been looking forward for over a year. For shopaholics on budget, this is like the Holy Grail of shopping - Bangkok. Never mind that the first two days will be spent in Pattaya, I'll get loads of compensation over the last two days.

Anyway, here's what went on during the first day. :D

1. At LCCT about to go on board the Air Asia flight. Definitely not as glamorous as KLIA, but the new building will soon be complete and I heard it will be so much nicer and provide passengers with a sheltered walkway to the plane.

2. Siblings and I.

3. There are some very interesting pictures on the wall when arriving at the Bangkok airport.

4. Stayed at this small little hotel - April Suites. It had a very homely feel to it and the room looks great.

5. Pasta carbonara with bacon slices. Simply divine. One of the perks of being in Thailand is that everywhere is non-Halal. This was taken at a German restaurant down the street. I forgot what's the restaurant's name though. 

6. Sister's dish. Steak? 

7. Then off to Central Festival mall for dessert. 

8. Mango parfait. One does not simply not taste mangoes when they are in Thailand. 

9. There was a shooting gallery on the top floor. Interesting place. The woman target inside sort of reminds me of the ghost in Insidious.

10. There are so many dessert stalls to explore. I think it's way better than bubble tea stalls flooding the malls in Malaysia. 

Knit sweater from Taiwan, Zara pink tank top, Romp jeans, SW belt, TS colour block bag, Nose platform wedges