Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peace comes at a price.

OK. Today is Wednesday so that means 4 days left until Edexcel exams. Awesome much. I am slowly but surely increasing my pace. Loads of past year papers to tackle. Sitting still to study is not exactly my forte, my mind wanders, my butt hurts, list goes on. But gotta make sure I ace all the subjects this time, so here goes. I've stayed off reading the new books I got at Kinokuniya and Popular, so here's a good sign. Also I've restrained myself from shopping? *wait actually I'm supposed to be saving up for the trip to Bangkok. OMGOMGOMG so excited* I've even minimized watching TV shows. Planning to catch up on Walking Dead, maybe watch 4400 and I don't know what else I've missed after the exam. 

But all's OK. I don't feel like I'm on the edge yet. But not so in one other issue. Should I keep my thoughts to myself and mess up my mind over all the possible reasons you think that way? Just checking if you take your information for granted, if you know clearly what your reasons and how your opinions are based upon. Sometimes people get blinded by the obvious and they may never know. Sometimes you may contradict yourself. Reminded of this musing from The Help, where the protagonist points out how ironic it is for her employers to be so cruel to black people in the neighborhood but are big on charity towards helping Africans, who share the same shade of skin. Recently I find this absurdity reflected in life around me. But pointing it out would endanger relationships. Hmm, if I could but master the art of inception. 

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