Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Kids Staring at Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is the reason I watch romantic dramas or movies in the first place. Meaning, I don't usually watch them but go for stuff like The Green Mile, Bucket List, Black Swan, Boy in Striped Pyjamas kinda thing. That's my idea of a movie worth watching. Need not to be a tearjerker, but moving stuff. But one cannot always watch tearjerkers and serious stuff. Sometimes you need light rom coms or logic defying action packed movies to keep the balance. And so this time, it's The Vow. Anything that has Rachel in it I'm definitely going to have some kind of expectation because most of the movies I've seen her in were good, at least she made it good. Major girl crush :x Maybe I'm being a little unfair here, but she's got the acting chops and beautiful-but-not-too-much looks, which is my kind of perfect. :D

Although I've constantly told myself not to trust movie trailers, I relented on this one. It looked so promising. Car crash then girl gets amnesia and tales of courtship and commitment ensues? Yes, interested. Because how many love stories involved amnesia right? In the end, I found out if it hadn't been Rachel in it, I would have said it was boring. It wasn't enough. I want more passion, more profound scenes. MORE RACHEL! :D I thought I was going to need a bucket to place my tears but then it wasn't necessary. But there were some good parts, Channing for the first time showed promising performance that included more than just showing off his abs (nahh I don't like too-big abs so I'm immune). And the mother's dialogue about staying with her cheating husband. And Rachel's post amnesia act. And the super sweet scenes (yes, I'm just another typical girl ha.ha.) Oh right, the boyf and I have also learnt a thing called chocolate roulette. Hmm. Another factor which has nothing to do with the movie: I was watching it with him.

Also, after watching the trailer for the third time before watching the movie, discovered some song in the background which was weirdly addictive. Looked it up and have found my new favourite. Joy Williams. Her voice is clear throughout the songs, and there's always simple yet lovely background music to accompany her singing. Reminds me a little of Sara Bareilles but I like her moooooore. :D

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  1. OMG I watched this movie too on Sunday! I mean, April's Fools. Haha. With my mum. Weird right? This's the 1st movie where my tears really dropped, unlike other movies where I still managed to control my tears from dropping.
    I love it the most when Rachel said the vow. =')