Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here We Go Again

Decided to decorate the blog with some red. :) 

1. Awesome budget red dress from Ladies Fash, Tangs Studio clutch

2. The pout ~

3. I chose the tie! 

4. Awkward moment when people around you starts doing weird faces. Sorry Koshla & Menal haha

4. Rocking red. ;)

5. And finally, my new sparkly pumps bought at Hatyai, which I wore for the night. A steal for less than RM35! 

Hello, I am still alive. Died a little on Thursday (my love-hate relationship with Chemistry continues for the 3rd year in a row), revived some on Friday (Sourcing for sale stock mixed with retail therapy), and today it's neutral? Finished my 10 hours of community service at Zo Children School, mixed feelings there. 

College is a whirlwind trip. Straying a lil off track (lacking chemistry with chemistry but will soon come to terms with it. Challenge accepted.) Serious studying begins straight after OB nite, which was one of the most enjoyable nights I ever had (no awkward silences, awesome friends, beautiful people to take in, yummeh food, list goes on). 

Funny, isn't it, what a change of environment does to people. 

And yea I'm still addicted to trance. 

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