Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012. Fresh starts.

New environment = new beginnings.
I have gone through of two weeks of college life. Goodbye SPM, hello tough syllabus. Well, everything's intimidating at first - the crazy schedules, tons of homework, waking up early, the fear of not getting along with classmates and end up a loner?

Now, I'm starting to get on the right track (thus the time to type this post). The exercises are difficult but I'll manage. In addition, I can remember a lot of new faces and names now! I do kinda regret dropping psychology but it's all for the best. I can have more time to do my homework and study (I'm very slow at doing homework especially maths). I can still read up on my own. It's just the assignments and homework I'll be missing out :( yea I know everyone's gonna roll their eyes and say who wants more homework?

I think that's about all. On the other hand, today marks the 18th monthsary of me and him. :) 18 months of him tolerating me. Haha.

Tune of the moment:

P.S. Gonna blog about Hatyai and Penang soon. 

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