Sunday, January 22, 2012

Haagen Dazs, Penang

I stumbled into an expensive ice cream shop. And fell in love with it. Somebody save my future allowance!

Ordered seventh heaven which consists of (you guessed it) seven different flavours which can be chosen by ourselves. The smoke is actually from the dry ice. Pretty cool. Absolutely scrumptious too. I love the one with mango in it. And the one with rum. Yum. Makes my mouth water now.

Lace sleeved top from Taiwan, bandage skirt from Times Square, brogues from Vincci

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glamourous times at Peranakan Mansion, Penang

I'm there to sight see, while couples are there taking wedding shots.

This is true vintage glamour at its finest. 

Back then there was no Ikea, no department stores. Minimalism was probably considered as a bad idea for decorating houses and even worse, if you were staying at a mansion. Everything had a flair for the dramatic and delicate craftsmanship. The technology used to make things back then may be low, but they produced beautiful furniture and accessories. 

Righto... About those accessories displayed in glass cases. Oh gosh how I wished I could take them back home with me! They are all sooooo beautiful. They don't really make jewelry like this anymore, do they?

Here's another set of pictures. Spot the bride in one of these pictures! ;) The day I went must be some auspicious day, since I saw three couples there. One was an Indian bride in a bright red cheongsam, which was quite unusual. But she looked gorgeous in it anyway. OK all of them looked nice. :) 

 Forever the dramatic lil kid. An imitation of Beethoven gone rock and roll.

Camera earrings (Heart Attack), Assymetrical cut cardi (Brands Outlet), Sheer white blouse (Padini Authentics), Light olive shorts (Cotton On), Purple flats (Vincci)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012. Fresh starts.

New environment = new beginnings.
I have gone through of two weeks of college life. Goodbye SPM, hello tough syllabus. Well, everything's intimidating at first - the crazy schedules, tons of homework, waking up early, the fear of not getting along with classmates and end up a loner?

Now, I'm starting to get on the right track (thus the time to type this post). The exercises are difficult but I'll manage. In addition, I can remember a lot of new faces and names now! I do kinda regret dropping psychology but it's all for the best. I can have more time to do my homework and study (I'm very slow at doing homework especially maths). I can still read up on my own. It's just the assignments and homework I'll be missing out :( yea I know everyone's gonna roll their eyes and say who wants more homework?

I think that's about all. On the other hand, today marks the 18th monthsary of me and him. :) 18 months of him tolerating me. Haha.

Tune of the moment:

P.S. Gonna blog about Hatyai and Penang soon.