Friday, December 9, 2011

Buddy Bears!

Bears! Bears! Really cute bears! 
The Malaysian Buddy Bear. I find this very different with the other bears below, because to me, this one looked shocked upon gunpoint or something. 

Confession: I've developed a ritual of shopping before and after major exams. Just a day after my Chinese paper, I'm off to Bukit Bintang. Gosh, what a day. Started off with an embarrassing encounter with 'someone' which reminded me to not take KTM as much if I could.

OK. Back to Buddy Bears. At the time I was there, there was a huge crowd and loads of pro-looking photographers and some ribbon cutting ceremony going on. I didn't really get the whole deal except there were huge bears representing different countries on display. I only knew they were called Buddy Bears promoting peace by displaying them at different countries after reading the Star. @.@

As usual, Pavilion has lovely decor when it comes to different festive seasons.

Loving this candid pic taken by him. 

This was taken by a tourist who had a really fancy DSLR. She probably saw that I had trouble with angles when attempting to take a picture of both of us and offered to help. LOL.

And here's shots from an awesome Japanese restaurant Watami. 

Mine's the bowl of yellowish rice. Might not look much to you guys, but I absolutely love it. Makes my mouth water every time I see the pic. This delicacy had me waiting for 40 minutes can you imagine?! I got so impatient I just got out halfway to get my Nylon at Times. And there I saw 1Q84 translated into English and on sale. Gonna get it next week. :D

Splurged on DKNY Golden Delicious. Terribly guilty yet pleased now.

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