Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas

I live in a haunted house,
a realm that reminds the living of coldness and death,
ghosts screaming into your ears,
tearing away all sanity you have left.

In time walls crumble down,
and slowly they eat away,
words laced with corrosion.

I have been living in a dream for so long,
and when I awake reality comes.
Ignorance of the emptiness is gone,
now I yearn.

I know everybody enjoyed their Christmas.
Maybe next year I can finally remember I had a happy one.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What now?

What happens to a person who has just ended her high school life and finished a major exam like SPM? 

SPM is over. High school life is over. Don't intend to take any part-time jobs because I want to savour my holidays fully before college starts in 3 weeks' time. I feel blank sometimes but I don't want to jump into studies so soon. I don't know. Life's a blur currently.

I don't miss school. I don't miss the lessons. But I miss having friends around. I miss the routine. Holidays used to drive me crazy because I had nothing much to do but now I'm trying to fill them up.

So. Here's what I did or am doing or am going to do:

  1. Read. After John Grisham's The Confession which I find a bit unsatisfying, Stephen King is next on the list. I just finished Full Dark, No Stars. Read a couple of stories from Nightmares and Dreamscapes then skipped to Duma Key. It's a really intimidating book because the beginning is a slow read and it's really thick! 
  2. Zuma. As of now I'm temporarily detached from Tetris because I have finally reached rank 99 in 2P. So Zuma it is. I reset my level (yes, I am that addicted) and now trying to level up, again as quick as possible. 
  3. Go on trips. I have just gotten back from my class trip at Malacca and nope, didn't get any decent pictures though the others did. Thank you for ruining my trip, 'monthly nuisance'. But hey, at least I had a bit of fun and a few awesome tops from Jonker Gallery. Another thing worthy of mention is that   while everyone is enjoying the scenery and taking pictures, I'm trying hard not to complain and curl up into a ball on the streets but still do sometimes. He willingly accompanied by my side throughout, probably bore the hell out of him with my occasional complains but he's there. Makes me awfully touched. :)  Next trip is going to be Penang after Christmas. Not terribly excited about it since I've been there loads of times and can't find anything interesting to do. :(
  4.  Take driving lessons, Undang test, etc. My Undang test is scheduled for this Sunday. I'm really, really worried about the sight test. -.- I also find driving terrifying, because I've had nightmares of me crashing (brakes wouldn't work, trees appear in front, things like that). I have bad hand-eye coordination, which makes it worse. Fingers crossed. 
  5. Stalk bloggers online. I can't get enough of Roz from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee or Chriselle from The Chriselle Factor. Call me shallow, whatever. I love these fashion blogger's eye for detail and impeccable style. Outfit coordination is like architecture, read that from somewhere I forgot. Some of them are also amazing people, like Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook who graduated with a Psychology degree and is working on juvenile issues. Wished she'd talk more about that. 
  6. Outings/ Shopping. I wanna go out with my girls!!! Where's the time? Where do we go? I wanna do it before college starts! Also, I am very in need of a wardroble makeover. Currently building a capsule wardrobe, which is made up of pieces that go with my style instead of pieces that go with the current trends. Gotta say no to t-shirts and more to blouses instead. It's quite challenging though when  you have a tight budget. 
  7. Blog/ Write. I used to write on a daily basis. But due to procrastination, I don't now. Occasionally if I have something pressing on my mind I write about it. Writing in my own notebook is more personal than blogging, of course but when I blog, I tend to be more careful on grammar and vocabulary, so it's good practice I suppose. 
  8. Find new songs to listen to. Constantly listening to Skrillex and Avicii gets me bored. So I mix up the dance stuff and indie stuff to keep it fresh. Youtube is the best place to discover new songs. There  are just so many links to click on! And I love the new layout ~ Really cool. 
Before I sign off, here's a song I put on repeat. Wonderfooled. What a lovely name. The video is also lovely and I've always loved ethereal vocals. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Buddy Bears!

Bears! Bears! Really cute bears! 
The Malaysian Buddy Bear. I find this very different with the other bears below, because to me, this one looked shocked upon gunpoint or something. 

Confession: I've developed a ritual of shopping before and after major exams. Just a day after my Chinese paper, I'm off to Bukit Bintang. Gosh, what a day. Started off with an embarrassing encounter with 'someone' which reminded me to not take KTM as much if I could.

OK. Back to Buddy Bears. At the time I was there, there was a huge crowd and loads of pro-looking photographers and some ribbon cutting ceremony going on. I didn't really get the whole deal except there were huge bears representing different countries on display. I only knew they were called Buddy Bears promoting peace by displaying them at different countries after reading the Star. @.@

As usual, Pavilion has lovely decor when it comes to different festive seasons.

Loving this candid pic taken by him. 

This was taken by a tourist who had a really fancy DSLR. She probably saw that I had trouble with angles when attempting to take a picture of both of us and offered to help. LOL.

And here's shots from an awesome Japanese restaurant Watami. 

Mine's the bowl of yellowish rice. Might not look much to you guys, but I absolutely love it. Makes my mouth water every time I see the pic. This delicacy had me waiting for 40 minutes can you imagine?! I got so impatient I just got out halfway to get my Nylon at Times. And there I saw 1Q84 translated into English and on sale. Gonna get it next week. :D

Splurged on DKNY Golden Delicious. Terribly guilty yet pleased now.