Friday, October 21, 2011

Diary entry of a shoe addict

I honestly don't remember how or when I got into this shoe addiction thing.

But nowadays.. Different shoes go with different outfits and there are some that look more like a piece of art that you just gotta have. Or collect. OK. I'm not at that stage of collecting shoes yet. Although those Alexander McQueen or Miu Miu shoes look really cool, I'll never get them even if I had the money. I go for functional shoes. :) And I still wear all of my shoes,  depending on what I'm wearing. And here's three of my recent buys. I've gotten a habit of photographing shoes before I wear them. Maybe so that I can look back at them if somehow a dog bites it into pieces or I lost one of the pair during some trip? Yes it may sound absurd but I have lost my shoes or one shoe on both accounts.

Three of my most recent buys. I predict a very long love affair with all of them. :D

Spotted this at Vincci and I just couldn't take my eyes off it! I'm loving Vincci a lot currently because they have the most adorable flats! The thing that put me off was the price. RM90?! Gorgeous shoes don't come at gorgeous prices I know. For a student like me, I could only bid it goodbye and walk away. And then I noticed that I could get it at 20% off. Not much, but enough. I swear I'm going to be really careful not to spoil it or let a dog spoil it or lose it on a trip. :x And I don't care if it's gonna be deemed old fashioned in the next few seasons. This is a long term investment!

My first pair of boots. Treats offer a lot of good looking shoes half the original price. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Whilst people pay probably over a hundred for boots, I'm paying a lot less. And it's really comfortable. It's also not that long so it's ok for the weather here. There were two choices, brown and black but I decided brown would be fine since if I were to have a black pair of boots, it would have to be edgier. He wondered whether I would actually wear it or if it was just another impulse buy. NOPE. I have a lot of existing clothes to go with this. :D

Heels usually hurt, yes. But this did not hurt at all. Most shoes I have (even the flats) cut into the back of my heel whenever I walk in them but since these are actually booties they don't cut. The material is also super comfortable. I've always wanted a pair of black, edgy booties and now I've got them! At Charles & Keith! Reminds me of a Giuseppe Zanotti design few seasons ago. That store has a lot of designer knock offs yet retain good quality. LOVE. The original price is definitely not for me but I got this at about 50% off?   Therefore, lesson learnt is never get shoes at the original price. Sales racks may sound unglamorous but they have their own gems. :D

Alright, I'm back to studying Physics. I'm feeling very motivated this week. I actually caught up with my schedule for the first time!  

Song of the moment:
Just discovered The Like recently and I'm hooked!

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