Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm here to rant about trials. IN FOR THE KILL!

1. TRIALS. GOSH. I totally killed my Sejarah and Moral. My mind went blank!!! Like, totally. So I just crapped. I hope my crap gets an A? That's a really, really tiny kind of chance. But yea. What the hell. Oh right, English too. I wasn't too good with timing my essays and there you go. I totally threw my A+ way out. The only subject I think was OK was BM and Add Maths. Man from the brink of failing to somewhat nailing the first paper (even though my 2nd paper was totally screwed yea). That was a first! I might even get a B for this! And that's like, really good for me?

2. I shouldn't be here. I should be studying. But, erm. Procrastination for a while please? And somehow I'm really addicted to putting most my thoughts on Blogger now. Typing is way faster than writing. Gonna be going to Levain for lunch then Suria cuz Isetan's reopening and the food market's offerings look delish! :D Will talk about that on the next post. Maybe tomorrow? Sunday? Haha.

3. Vampire Diaries is on! No. I must wait.Patience is a virtue. Trials first. Then I get to watch 3 episodes in a row. That's much better right? Ian Somerhalder wait for me!!!!

4. I totally shouldn't but I did it. I took out one of the books I bought from Bookfest and finished it in the timeline of 24 hours. The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Gosh what a good read. I didn't even know they had laws like that? To separate people of different colours! No blacks in white schools because it's against the law! And separate toilets because they have plenty of diseases that may spread to whites? Racism to the max! And Minny is one of my favourite characters ever. Aibileen's great too, but Minny's got this really believable character. She's real. I like how the author portrays her characters from all different sides. The ladies may seem as a loving, doting mother and caring to all of her family members but they can also be the first one to ostracize their own maid. To look at them as though they are worthless low class creatures. :( I really like the trailer and I even checked GSC when it would be aired here. But nope. They're probably not gonna have it in Malaysia EVER. Or maybe I overlooked it. But I read the list twice and I didn't see The Help on it. Till Jan 2012. So that means we're not gonna watch it here. HBO maybe?

Quotes Sheena Liam, whose blog (and oh yeah she's gorge and she has good taste in music from what I saw) I stumbled upon just now, Skrillex and La Roux = Brilliance. OMFG Skrillex is epic awesome. And with La Roux's voice. Perfect to revive a somewhat not-so-motivated soul. I know I know. DUBSTEP FTW!!

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