Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stay Awake, First Heartbreak

“I suppose it’s like mourning isn’t it? It’s as if someone died, because you’re so invested in that person; it’s as if that part of yourself has died you know? It’s gut-wrenching. I suppose you’re both like yin and yang, and then you have to try and feel whole yourself again. Because when you are in a relationship you are kind of meshed in a way.”

I think this is a really cool ad. I love how ads tell a story instead of telling you how awesome their product is and that your life won't be complete without it. Well, then again, I guess Doc Martens won't need any of that. ;p And Agyness Deyn, whoa! Surprise surprise! She's really caught my attention here. That voice of hers (I simply love that wistful tone) and those eyes! Right, that aside. Ever since I saw a picture of those shoes, I shoe-lusted it. Even though it reminds me of Ronald McDonald's shoes but these are way cooler!


Anywaix.. I need to stay awake this whole month! STUDY STUDY STUDY. I hope I can get all A's so I get a 100% fee reduction at Methodist's. But... My BM and Sejarah may only get an A-. -.- Gosh, Sejarah Paper 1 was waaaaaaay tough (ok, partly my fault). Ughs. And yea, my wardrobe has arrived.. Took me few hours to put all my stuff in there. *I colour coordinate my clothes*

OK. Don't start thinking I'm way too obsessed with vanity issues. I do pretty much the same thing with my books and papers (I used to collect fancy papers). Yea. So there you go. :) My room may get messy sometimes but when it's not, it's perfectly organized. :D

Finally. Song of the day. I love, love, love UK male singers! The voice and accent is undeniable! (likes of Tinie Tempah, Coldplay, U2) Example's songs also have that techno kind of beat so that's a much appreciated bonus! :D

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