Tuesday, August 16, 2011

100th Escapade

note: my 100th post!!!

I finally took my grade 8 practical exam @ Prince Hotel yesterday! Gosh, it was so nerve wrecking. It went well at first but then... didn't nailed it. Don't think I'm gonna take another piano exam anymore. It sure feels weird, going back home and having the urge to practice but then realising I don't have to anymore.

Well.. Let bygones be bygones. At least I had a great day munching on bread and stuff at Levain. It's my first time there and I wanna go back there again! Love the cozy ambience and pretty decor. The food looks scrumptious! Especially the dessert counter. Haven't tried any of their cakes or macaroons yet. NEXT TIME. :D

The item most worth having has got to be the cream of mushroom and chicken? It reminds me of Dome's, the difference is it's got chicken in it. And it's also half the price of Dome's with just the same serving. If I were to eat up the whole thing I wouldn't need to have anything else. So, best to just share it with someone else so you can have enough appetite for other stuff ;p

Lastly, to end my post with Priscilla Ahn. I love her voice. Pure and lightening. And no, I did not watch Bride Wars to know about her. Credits to a Tumblr friend who posted this.

P.S. I changed my template, made some changes to the fonts.. You like?

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