Saturday, July 16, 2011

This and That

This is, I think.. My first haul post? And reviews for some of the goodies below. ;p

1. This is the first pair of colour lens I ever purchased online. The Fynale series are really pretty and they are Korean lens so I thought, why not? This here is Fynale Hani grey. I think they are more natural looking compared to Fynale Kiwi or Fynale Hime. The packaging is kinda cute. :D

2. Forgive the retarded expression. This prob gives a clearer view of the lens? I realized that if I put the camera on flash mode, my yes will turn out half grey and half brown. Ughs. Didn't think of that when I bought it. Previously I used Blincon brown lens so it looked more natural on me since I already had brown eyes. I think I'm gonna stick to 14.2 mm next time.


3. More shots. With a diameter of 16mm it really looks weird in real. Not used to it yet but I think it looks alright in photos.

4. Bought this at One U's Sasa on Monday. They're having a huge sale but this new one has only 15% reduction. Fine for me because it works really good! <3 It also has SPF and PA protection. How cool is that? Not many foundations have PA protection. Well, they should because UVA rays are more harmful to the skin. Been skeptical on foundation powders other than Revlon, but now I guess my prejudice is unnecessary. I swear I won't lose this one! I've seen Canmake featured frequently on Vivi.. now I know why. Might try their blush next time. MJ's been recommending it to me lately.
5. Bought this during the holidays. The Face Shop nail colours look so yummy I couldn't resist! The price is really affordable, with 3 for RM12 or was it RM15? Anyway, the formula may require around 3 coats for the colour to show properly.

6. My first buy from Sephora! Also bought during the holidays. Soap & Glory has been garnering high reviews from users so I thought I might as well try one of their products. Confession time: I fall for pretty packaging very easily. Their kitschy packaging is a total eye-catcher. Not a fan of pink though. They have a lot of different scrubs but I only saw this one there. It's still pretty awesome. It's quite greasy but after washing it away.. voila! clear, smooth skin. :D pair it with a moisturising body lotion and you're good to go! The smell is absolutely divine! It's a really subtle, sexy scent that lingers for a few hours after using it. Love it love it love it.

7. I love Harajuku Doll perfumes!! Well, mainly because they're cute. But I can't afford them.. so when I saw these pens with Harajuku Doll-ish designs last month at Teddy Tales, I immediately got them! The pen may not write out smoothly but the big doll up there already adds bonus marks. YAY. :D

That's all for now. I'm watching Harry Potter later tonight btw!!

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