Sunday, July 17, 2011

Breakfast at Dave's

Not Tiffany's. *lame*

Went for a short shopping sesh at One Utama with her a few days ago. Name cannot be mentioned, photos cannot be revealed. So here's only me, me, me. -.-

Thanks to Miss Mysterious and her super awesome portrait lens, I got nice shots. ;p

Food at Dave's. Gosh I love that restaurant. Pizza is good, soup is good *Dome's is always the best, though*. Spaghetti is ok, too. This one here is marinara? With shitake mushrooms, sprinkled with parmesan cheese powder. Yum. A bit spicy. :x

Really, really love this design from Zara. I have a penchant for one shoulder tops and flow-y tiers/layers etc. And red is one of my fave colours. Didn't have enough at the time to get it though. :x anyone know any look-alikes from online boutiques?

Outfit of the day. Taken by bro who suddenly became a photography enthusiast. So far it's gotten the most votes I ever got at CT! :D Top from Bel's Wardrobe (Sg) and those sleek, shiny leggings are from MNG.

Loving Skrillex for the moment. :D Fave has gotta be this. Reptile is pretty awesome too.

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