Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something about Aging.

Well.. Yea, everyday is a blessing. Who knows freak accidents like those in Final Destination will fall on any of us? *yes, I get paranoid sometimes. SHHHH* Anyway, yea. I'm not 16 anymore. I had pretty much the awesome birthday celebration to date, at least the happiest one I can remember. Nowadays, gifts are not important anymore. It's better if you've got tons of friends to celebrate with you.

Oh right. Back to the topic of aging. The clock is ticking all the time, it never stops for you. So you've gotta pick up your pace and do everything there is to do and make sure you don't regret too much later. But while on the way of chasing dreams and all that, I would still like to have the opportunity what people call 'stop and smell the roses'. Otherwise it'd be an empty life, devoid of meaning unless you count being rich as meaningful.

Not to sound too unrealistic, but I think once in a while people should open their eyes for real instead of pretending to be busy or really being busy chasing materialistic wants or unrealistic needs, they should look around and reach out to people they care about, and see the beauty of the world they live in. At least see it before the expiry date. People don't stay there forever and landmarks might sink anytime *like Venice. sad.*

From an infant to a teenager, my perspective has definitely changed. The view is getting clearer and clearer but it is still a limited one. As a student, the exposure is not enough yet. Some of my opinions may still be prejudiced or self-centered.. so aiming to be more on the neutral side.

Balance, balance.

And also one thing. I would like to decelerate aging, but still age. Does that make sense? I would welcome wrinkles, like, about when I'm 50. And I would still like have an active lifestyle after that. I don't want to have fragile bones and a even more fragile memory. Hopefully I live to 101! But not without company please. I can't imagine how to even spend a day alone.

I'm almost at the edge of a major crossroad now. I can't wait to get out of high school and start college life, meet new people, be nearer to my goals. But at the same time it feels daunting, all these challenges ahead, all these unknowns. And right, I'm not exactly 100% sure yet which way I'm going, although it's down to two options. Don't think I can afford to screw things up by that time. Other than that, I've got it pretty much all figured out in my head. I just need to do well in my future career to get to what I'd label as success.

Balance, balance.

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