Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Shot of Adorable

This cute little figure found at DC Comics shop at Pavilion. Gosh, if only the stuff there weren't so expensive. Nevertheless, they're all cool/ cute to the max! Collectors beware of your wallets.

Look! I've got Superman behind my back. *pun sort of intended*

Gosh, and a week ago I was hanging out at Pav and now school's started. *boring* Scholarships, exam papers, piano practice = the horror! the horror! I miss desserts at Slice of Heaven. I wanna watch a horror movie again. LOL. *Insidious is pretty awesome*

Really soothing song. Make me forget about school please! LOL. *at least for a few minutes* Love Kaskade and Mindy Gledhill! Awesome pair. <3

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