Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is Anyone Genetically Mean?

Why do you think you have the right to criticize,
when you've barely known each other,
when what you see may not be what you assumed,
when what you hear may not be what is intended to be understood,
when gossip becomes belief,
when truth blends with lies,
when reality meets illusions,
when you may not be that noble.

Everyone is different. And when you don't understand the differences and think that everyone should stay the same, think the same and do the same things, then you're wrong. Clearly you have misunderstood some things here. Clearly you're the one who is ignorant, who jumps to conclusions early and start prejudice and hatred and etc. Really, if you have a problem why not settle it out and not just complain about it? And when it involves other people, why wouldn't you confront them?

Are you not being a coward when you don't and instead spread rumours and false allegations?

And some people tend to use age or experience to overcome their apparent lack of understanding. Just because you're older or you have more experience does not mean you're entirely right all the time.

Then, there's the kind of people who take shots at others while deep down, they are just terribly insecure. Who hasn't done it before, really? Talking negatively about someone else just to make yourself look good? Who are you to play the judge here? Do you have valid reasons to make that statement?

Can't we all have peace here, folks? Instead of spending the time pondering on whether what he or she is doing is weird or not, don't you have your own business to mind? Are they even doing anything illegal that needs your attention?

It is mean when you're talking behind people's backs. It's extra mean if it's all for the sake of gossip. Sure, everyone can have their own say nor can you please everyone. But when you're labelling and stereotyping people as you please without knowing the situation or the person as much as needed, then it's also called bullying. Oh right, I forgot, who cares? They wouldn't know that I said it right? Well, unless you talked to yourself in your head, conversations are bound to reach the person's ears somehow. You never know. And the harm is done. And if you don't care because even if they died because of your words that's because they're weak? Wow, you're really a jerk.

Lastly, to quote Alice regarding rumours and whatnot.

Please be considerate. Have mercy.

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