Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something about Aging.

Well.. Yea, everyday is a blessing. Who knows freak accidents like those in Final Destination will fall on any of us? *yes, I get paranoid sometimes. SHHHH* Anyway, yea. I'm not 16 anymore. I had pretty much the awesome birthday celebration to date, at least the happiest one I can remember. Nowadays, gifts are not important anymore. It's better if you've got tons of friends to celebrate with you.

Oh right. Back to the topic of aging. The clock is ticking all the time, it never stops for you. So you've gotta pick up your pace and do everything there is to do and make sure you don't regret too much later. But while on the way of chasing dreams and all that, I would still like to have the opportunity what people call 'stop and smell the roses'. Otherwise it'd be an empty life, devoid of meaning unless you count being rich as meaningful.

Not to sound too unrealistic, but I think once in a while people should open their eyes for real instead of pretending to be busy or really being busy chasing materialistic wants or unrealistic needs, they should look around and reach out to people they care about, and see the beauty of the world they live in. At least see it before the expiry date. People don't stay there forever and landmarks might sink anytime *like Venice. sad.*

From an infant to a teenager, my perspective has definitely changed. The view is getting clearer and clearer but it is still a limited one. As a student, the exposure is not enough yet. Some of my opinions may still be prejudiced or self-centered.. so aiming to be more on the neutral side.

Balance, balance.

And also one thing. I would like to decelerate aging, but still age. Does that make sense? I would welcome wrinkles, like, about when I'm 50. And I would still like have an active lifestyle after that. I don't want to have fragile bones and a even more fragile memory. Hopefully I live to 101! But not without company please. I can't imagine how to even spend a day alone.

I'm almost at the edge of a major crossroad now. I can't wait to get out of high school and start college life, meet new people, be nearer to my goals. But at the same time it feels daunting, all these challenges ahead, all these unknowns. And right, I'm not exactly 100% sure yet which way I'm going, although it's down to two options. Don't think I can afford to screw things up by that time. Other than that, I've got it pretty much all figured out in my head. I just need to do well in my future career to get to what I'd label as success.

Balance, balance.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Shot of Adorable

This cute little figure found at DC Comics shop at Pavilion. Gosh, if only the stuff there weren't so expensive. Nevertheless, they're all cool/ cute to the max! Collectors beware of your wallets.

Look! I've got Superman behind my back. *pun sort of intended*

Gosh, and a week ago I was hanging out at Pav and now school's started. *boring* Scholarships, exam papers, piano practice = the horror! the horror! I miss desserts at Slice of Heaven. I wanna watch a horror movie again. LOL. *Insidious is pretty awesome*

Really soothing song. Make me forget about school please! LOL. *at least for a few minutes* Love Kaskade and Mindy Gledhill! Awesome pair. <3

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is Anyone Genetically Mean?

Why do you think you have the right to criticize,
when you've barely known each other,
when what you see may not be what you assumed,
when what you hear may not be what is intended to be understood,
when gossip becomes belief,
when truth blends with lies,
when reality meets illusions,
when you may not be that noble.

Everyone is different. And when you don't understand the differences and think that everyone should stay the same, think the same and do the same things, then you're wrong. Clearly you have misunderstood some things here. Clearly you're the one who is ignorant, who jumps to conclusions early and start prejudice and hatred and etc. Really, if you have a problem why not settle it out and not just complain about it? And when it involves other people, why wouldn't you confront them?

Are you not being a coward when you don't and instead spread rumours and false allegations?

And some people tend to use age or experience to overcome their apparent lack of understanding. Just because you're older or you have more experience does not mean you're entirely right all the time.

Then, there's the kind of people who take shots at others while deep down, they are just terribly insecure. Who hasn't done it before, really? Talking negatively about someone else just to make yourself look good? Who are you to play the judge here? Do you have valid reasons to make that statement?

Can't we all have peace here, folks? Instead of spending the time pondering on whether what he or she is doing is weird or not, don't you have your own business to mind? Are they even doing anything illegal that needs your attention?

It is mean when you're talking behind people's backs. It's extra mean if it's all for the sake of gossip. Sure, everyone can have their own say nor can you please everyone. But when you're labelling and stereotyping people as you please without knowing the situation or the person as much as needed, then it's also called bullying. Oh right, I forgot, who cares? They wouldn't know that I said it right? Well, unless you talked to yourself in your head, conversations are bound to reach the person's ears somehow. You never know. And the harm is done. And if you don't care because even if they died because of your words that's because they're weak? Wow, you're really a jerk.

Lastly, to quote Alice regarding rumours and whatnot.

Please be considerate. Have mercy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Highlands Affair

The first day. The view of the villa is really beautiful. So took a lot of pictures there. Here's two of my favourites.

The second day we visited MARDI, which is a fruit and vegetable farm? The strawberries there are really nice though. It's really sunny, luckily I'm wearing a sleeveless trench and shorts paired with floral print net leggings.

A close-up of the print. x)

Got a batik purse for RM11.90 at a souvenir shop. Gosh, I love prints like these. It's got a very retro feel to it.

I wonder why my pictures all turn out so small in Blogger even after I've put it as large. Hmm.

Photo Diary: Cameron Highlands

1. View of Golden Hope Villa.

2. Little kid gone wild.

3. MARDI: Full bloom.

4. They are way prettier.

5. Believe it or not. Big foot.

6. Amidst squash.

7. I yelled back at cactus.

8. So this is a pear...

9. Menu of a pretty famous restaurant called Jasmine Cafe.

10. As Dora the Explorer would say: Delicioso. Banana royale.

11. Scrumptious strawberry royale?

12. Sightseeing continued at a strawberry farm.

13. And then we saw a really beautiful little birdie who likes to get its photos taken. Perched here after sucking nectar to let the 'papparazzi' take its photos.

14. Bird in action.

15. At the souvenir shop. You gotta admit, Angry Birds is really getting somewhere.

Lastly, this is a pretty funny looking water basin.