Friday, April 1, 2011


Photo time! Yep. My latest photo update. :D For ages I haven't felt like cam-whoring. But Lumix's soft skin mode is too deceiving to resist *although my skin is not filled with wrinkles. ;p*

Top two pictures are from my Port Dickson trip recently. Forgive me for posting reflections of myself. I just don't have a full length *or a half length one like this* mirror at home. LOL

Bottom two pictures clearly show me showing off my new kooky nerdy animal print specs, bought from Fourskin, an awesome shop located in Sg Wang *also at One Utama*

My mood's like riding a roller coaster lately and I really don't like having him at the receiving end of the bad rides. Definitely need some changing here. :)

One of my favourite songs lately. Found on a really sweet fashion blogger's blog. RAC remixes are now officially my go-to whenever I feel mellow.

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