Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Lot of Random Thoughts

A random picture of me during my Penang trip last year. Sorry to offend you with such a retarded face. @.@ Sad to say, my beloved Mix Style headphones are dead now. RIP.

Neglected my bloggie for quite a while due to the monthly test. FOUR DAYS SEEMED LIKE ETERNITY. I kept counting down the days left. NOW I'M DONE WITH IT!

May have flunked my Biology. Didn't study enough. Mind went blank while I was doing it. I was depleted of energy already since I had a pretty awful start with my Add Maths.

So.. yea. Add Maths. From the first question I was dumbfounded. Like, GOSH, wait what is this?! I thought I covered everything! It looked familiar but I couldn't continue. So, I skipped. At least for the time being.

2nd question. Integration stuff. And halfway through I got stuck. AGAIN? skipped.
3rd question was simply out of the question (no pun intended). My first page is officially dead.

Throughout the paper, I only managed half of it. The last two pages I tackled at the last ten minutes. And to think I could have a chance to get an A- since I felt pretty good after studying! I'm going to fail. Thoughts of failing, not getting my Topshop reward *if I get an A-*, thoughts of myself being dumb.

Those 10 minutes were horrible. Time was running out. I was unable to find a suitable way to get the area and volume of the darn shaded region. I felt incredibly stupid. Depressed I am actually so dumb. Disappointed that I couldn't while the others were probably done and smiling from ear to ear because it was so easy for them.

In the end, I passed it up, because I couldn't continue anymore. And got into an ugly crying mess. I probably looked like a scary clown.

Ironically, the others had a hard time doing it as well. Which made me feel better infinitely. -.-

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

In the end, I survived. Luckily I passed my Add Maths test, by 2 marks. Well, good news? I may have made the biggest breakthrough in my Chemistry test, in which I've always sucked at. All in all, it was ok.

Loads of thanks to boyf who pretty much handed all the support I need. :D I have been not following my 'go with the flow' motto lately and instead, went all bonkers and negative. I'm going to stop thinking about 'what ifs' cuz he's going to get tired hearing and reemphasizing gross yet weirdly comforting and sickly sweet stuff.

But.. anyway..

Since the holidays are coming...


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