Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V Day with Love ~

Hello lovelies. Did Cupid got you on V-day? ;p

I celebrated mine with an eating spree at KLCC.

First off, a plate of spaghetti marinara shared with ze boyfie at food court. Too much sauce but overall, pretty good. Meatballs are awesome! Oddly, I am reminded of Brittany from Glee nudging the meatballs on her plate in Breadstix alone. That's from yesterday's episode.

She was emulating The Lady and the Tramp. Anyone remember this cartoon?

Then, off to Dessert's Bar. Thought of browsing around first but spotted this cafe where I've always wanted to try out due to the lovely looking cakes they have on display. I'm also a big fan of desserts. So, a place for all kinds of dessert and it's supposed to be healthy? Oh la la.

Nutty cheesecake! I think it was one of the favourites recommended on the menu? It was scrumptious!

One bite is enough to make you addicted!

Chocolate banana crepe. I've had hard ones before, but this crepe is soft! I'm totally loving the taste.

After walking around admiring pretty but expensive clothes, finally settled down at Dome's cafe. Another round of eating. Well, I'm there mainly for the soup. Nothing else.

Random snap! It's a book about physics that sound impossible, but is actually possible. The first sentence was a quote from Albert Einstein, which me likey:
If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it

Crazy ideas can be achieved! O.O Be not trapped by the ordinariness of life and people around you.

The highly coveted wild mushroom soup. So far in my 16+ years of existence, the best mushroom soup I've ever had comes from Dome's Cafe.

He's smiling like a madman because he's bought a Michio Kaku book.

Finally... Outfit of the day ~

I look so tiny. GRRR.
Loving my Cotton On cropped top bought at last year's sales *they have amazing offers sometimes, can't wait for the next one!* and super cheapo tie dye maxi. Piled on an owl timepiece pendant and a vintage white ring that is a smaller version of Diva's large oval one.

I bought my first ever Nylon magazine today! Loving the articles and photos. Was attracted to it just because Leighton Meester was on it. Thought really, really long about the buy because it's quite expensive compared to local mags. But decided I should give it try since a lot of people hyped about its awesome styling and witty articles.

Song of the day. :)

Mama Monster has done it again! Don't be a drag be a queen. Well said *sang?*. ;p Love what she did at the Grammy's too. Arriving in a Hussein Chalayan egg? WHOA. She's definitely born for big things.

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