Sunday, February 27, 2011


Nina is obsessed with perfection. Low self esteem. Sensitive. Self destructive. (SPOILER ALERT)

Sweet girl.. (her overbearing mother calls her). Rigid! (Thomas Leroy constantly critiques). These are part of all the many though little but significant words and things that haunt her, that push her further, to insanity, to perfection.

It draws you in, right at the very start. In her dream, where she dances as the White Swan, captured by Rothbart. The fear! So fragile. Perfect for the character. On the train, where Nina set eyes on free spirited newcomer Lily, the girl she did not know would be her rival, an object of her later fantasies, the list goes on. The atmosphere had already gotten tense.

She is too uptight. Disciplined. Not as lusty and free as the Black Swan.

But that's just on the surface. A tight string breaks most easily. And that's what director Thomas Leroy saw in her the time she bites him. A glimpse of what she could be. He would bring out the dark side in her, let out the seductive side he wanted for the Black Swan. And there is Beth, the icon of perfection for Nina, whom she steals from, as though the things she stole would make her that much closer to perfection, but Beth turned out to be an alcoholic, and dark and melodramatic as Thomas Leroy had said.

As all these conflicts pile up, Nina goes further to ensure that she can achieve it. To embody two so different characters into one - the Swan Queen. Stealing Beth's things did not help, as is Thomas' sexual guidance, a mother who failed and is trying to achieve what she did not not through Nina, and Lily's ecstasy.

She cannot seduce. There is no passion. No liberation. That cannot be, not if she wants to be the Black Swan. Until the day of the show, the moment after she thought she killed Lily, she snaps. And that's when she let it all out. Liberated. She dances perfectly as the Black Swan, convinced that she is a swan, hallucinating that she had webbed feet and had grown out wings and all. Even when she realises she had stabbed herself instead of Lily before she ends the show, she vows to continue. The determination is shown all over. Hide the tears away, the show must continue. "Fine, I'm fine." That's what she says, to convince others, as well as herself.


The sound effects and music helped a lot to convey the struggle.

Forgive my rambling on Black Swan, I have too much to voice about it. It was a fascinating ride. Terrifying at times to watch, but still. Overall, I was captivated. Spellbound by this dark fantasy. It's been a while I haven't watched a great movie like this. Maybe I should try more psychological thrillers. Great to watch Natalie Portman.

So much talent, but in a distorted soul. Who yearns nothing but to be perfect and finally she did win the applause of the crowd, but at what cost?

Natalie Portman should really win an Oscar.
Did quite a bit of shopping lately.. It has become a sort of ritual before the exams.

This really cute ring I got at Bonita! It's perfect for the year of the Rabbit?? Love it. :D

Perfect flow. The most beautiful top I've ever bought, in fact. Perfect in all places. The sleeves, the buttons... :D

Nude colours - recent love. RM5, only at Elianto. :)

And I've bought my suspenders from Fourskin! Black was sold out, so I got brown. It's still fine.

Lastly, a book I'm reading currently. It's been a long time I've taken up a Chinese title.. but this time it's quite easy to go through, it being easy to understand and its really warming short stories.

Song of the day.

Found this while listening to trance radio online. Rafael Frost is awesome. This is something I've been looking for, got addicted the first time I heard it on Saturday's dance show.

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