Friday, February 11, 2011

Holiday Villa, Cherating

OK, peeps. The long-awaited trip post.

The view at the beach is simply beautiful, that is, if you wake up early in the morning (note: as in 6am to 7.30am)

Sea creatures??

Hi there. He's been running around with the camera taking pictures.

At the turtle sanctuary. Behind me is a picture of a dugong, a.k.a sea cow/ mermaid.

Have you seen a real life turtle before? There are quite a lot here, from halfway hatching baby turtles to adult turtles. They collect the still hatching ones in small bottles. Whereas the older ones are put into the pond.

Taking pictures around 7.30 am where the sun's not shining that brightly. Bro says I look preggie. LOL

Don't be terrified. It's just me. With bedhead and terrible under eye circles. Plus, I can't open my eyes much under the hot sun. Which is at around 10.30 am, after breakfast.

Overall, a pretty nice trip. Perfect place to unwind and relax. :)

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Last note. Song of the day.
Happiness. You know why this song is awesome? Because it has Deadmau5 working on the background music. This is just Brazil added with vocals. Kinda like Haley vs Deadmau5's Falling in Love with Brazil. Nevertheless, she's got a pretty good voice. I'm loving this song. Well, mostly because of Deadmau5 anyway. And to you people who have no idea who Deadmau5 is, he's an awesome producer/DJ. He's released a lot of tracks and has even appeared on Gossip Girl and MTV awards. Gosh, I can go on and on about dance music.

I love this guy.


  1. Hi ashley,

    wanna check with you, which room did u stayed? I read alot of bad comments for holiday villa cherating saying its old, ,dirty and with lotsa bugs? issit true?

    1. No it's not. The room I stayed in is not dirty. Everything's fine. Didn't encounter any bugs. :)