Saturday, January 8, 2011

On a Lighter Note..

A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous.

Coco Chanel is one woman with lots of quotes to chew on. Despite having a lot to handle on my plate this year, I am still determined to not neglect my fashion new year resolutions. :D It's not really that much trouble, avoiding the state of dull dressing. Nice outfits make the moods better too :D

1. Colour up.
A surprising observation made last year while clearing the wardrobe: I have too many browns and grays. Mostly dark colours. Gotta lighten up! Feels kinda depressing if there's no brighter hues in there. Prints will also be very much welcome here. Especially floral and digital prints.

2. Feeling girly.
I am loving drapes and frills, lace and tulle. I'm constantly on the lookout for nice pieces with these elements. Affordable pieces. LOL.

3. The shorter is not always the better.
OK. I have embraced the maxi trend. Boho vibe is creeping under my skin! Haha. Good thing I'm liking it now, cuz it will come in handy whenever there's outings with the *skin exposure above the knee is obscene* kinda people.

4. Cut it. Subtle sexiness, anyone?
Not short skirts, not short shorts, not cleavage, but more of the cut-out kind of fashion. But not those that rocked the runways few seasons earlier. It's more of the subtle kind of cut outs. Laced-up backs, toga tops, sheer sleeves. Etc.

5. No impulse buys anymore.
Every shopaholic is guilty of that. :( But this time round, no more! Yes there are loads of pretty things out there but can't choose the same styles too many times. It will clog the wardrobe. So, gonna choose carefully. Especially shoes. I have still very limited choices.

6. It's all about having fun.
Layering, accessorizing, mixing up different trends or styles. This year I'm gonna stock up on hats?! Ok, just a thought. Would love to add a fitted blazer into the wardrobe. *still searching* Anyway due to Lookbook I already have tons of ideas. But procrastination is another issue.

This video has proven extremely helpful for a girl like me who loves scarves but has limited creativity. Eeks.

7. Dull skin be gone, too!
Not about clothes or accessories or bags and shoes.. This is about the skin condition. Using make up to cover up is so tedious and don't you just envy those who look good without slapping anything onto their face?

In my opinion, Michelle Phan looks pretty good sans make up. *through watching her videos*

8. Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere is not a Gucci bag or French-cut jeans; it's an open mind

The best accessory there is: a smile. A genuine one works better. :) Clothes may do so much to make one leave an impression, but a great personality is the one that often lingers.

P.S. The above collages do not belong to me.

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