Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Glimpse

On Thursday, where I had PJK (health) class, the teacher told us we should not stress ourselves too much. "A student got so stressed he/she couldn't wake up for the SPM exam."


Well. The first week is over now. We've had almost the same old teachers as last year, but the difference was this year most of us were actually doing our homework in time for real.

This is the final year of high school life for many of us, and the year we're going to sit for SPM, the exam we mustn't do badly. It's the year we go into another crossroad, where choices must be made carefully. Results do matter for college applications.

And what shall I choose?

Psychology? Or other courses?

I'm going to the Edu Fair at KLCC tomorrow. Hope I get some more pointers. :D


End note: Complaining brings self satisfaction (quote a friend), but really for the people around you, it's tiring to hear. Especially if it's all unreasonable talk. There are so many ways one can view the circumstances, and wouldn't it so much better if you find the good in it? Instead of focusing on the bad side. There are so many bigger problems out there, and one cannot possibly grumble from one problem to the other. It's gonna bring you down, and then where's the fun in that?

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