Monday, January 31, 2011


Finally an update! A very long one, too.

I went for a movie *Great Day* on Sunday with 6 other girls. Had a pretty good time. Though didn't have much chance to look around the shops. I'm still on the lookout for a RED dress. Haha.

This is the poster for the movie. I haven't watched a Chinese film for ages and this is the first Malaysian film I've ever watched. This is a movie focused on filial piety and it's quite engaging, funny at times and many scenes triggered me, as in... tearing me up. OK, let's not go to that part. However, the storyline wasn't that great because the connection in between scenes was not strong enough. Anyhow the scenes made it up because they hold a lot of meaning so you won't really notice loopholes. O yea, too much commercial elements.

Most interesting character hands down has to be Joey/ Zi Shin. She started out as a spoilt brat. The way she treated her grandpa when he visited was AWFUL. I wanted to hit her the WII racket she was holding or whatever that was. But then she proceeded to show that she has a good side to her too. It's sooo touching. @.@

Bev and I at Just Thai. BTW, met English teacher there. Her son looks like Corbin Bleu? LOL

Having banana fritters. The lesson to learn here, boys and girls, is never to judge anything by its looks. Everyone were repelled by its outer appearance *it does resemble a bit like shit* but it is actually really nice. The honey coating makes it even more awesome. MUST TRY. :)

7 of us> Zi Wen, Bev, Ee Xin, Shin Yi, Yi Xin, Yun Zhen, yours truly.

In awe. *just pretending*

No steamed buns?!

With YZ. She is looking awfully cute that day. I am in love with the red striped top + washed out jeans combo. Meanwhile, I'm throwing prints into the mix. A F.O.S top, F Block floral skirt, circus print bag from random shop in SW and last but not least, the heels from OU that are good in giving blisters.

Nice calligraphy. I guess Obama is still the it name currently?

I also had my first time taking a very late train back home. NOTE: late = 9pm. Yea, I have never been out so late.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

And today, went shopping with Mom at 1 Utama. Nothing much I fancy there.. *sighs* And things are so expensive nowadays. Started off with my brunch at Yishenshu. A vegetarian restaurant.

I am still trying out my photography skills. Hehe.

This was next to my table. Pretty nice, huh?

Not so pretty... Mom said the other dishes were ok the last time she went. This mushroom oyster whatever rice was clearly not that ok. Too sour.

I am in total love with this Marks and Spencer chambray. It is ruffled at the edges and has this lovely floral print on it. *have to look closer to see it* but it's over RM200 ~ ughs. WHY????? P.S. Ignore the weird posing P.S.S their changing room is so big. O.O

I got bored waiting for mom... Marks and Spencer's Per Una has really nice pieces, very young-ish. But their sizing may not be suitable for most teens.

Went to Just Thai for a short meal before mom goes to her pedi. NICE DECOR!

The table mat!

Mom's dish. I can't handle spicy food. :x

MINE! Mangoes are my favourite.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Have you survived reading this super long post yet? I end it here. Well, not quite.

Here's the song of my day.

It's Far East Movement! I kinda like them when I went through Gossip Girl soundtracks but didn't really take much notice until they had a hit song Like a G6 and I was like, "What? That's Far East Movement from GG?!" Awesome stuff. :D


Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Thaipusam!

Look at my new baby!

I can't wait to use it. :D

Monday, January 10, 2011


Here's something I found on Tumblr. Actually, HIS tumblr. He has the most awesomest posts ever.

It's amazing how people can learn something through things we never really noticed useful other than bringing comfort.

BTW. I wish I had a puppy as cute as this. In need of a hug.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

On a Lighter Note..

A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous.

Coco Chanel is one woman with lots of quotes to chew on. Despite having a lot to handle on my plate this year, I am still determined to not neglect my fashion new year resolutions. :D It's not really that much trouble, avoiding the state of dull dressing. Nice outfits make the moods better too :D

1. Colour up.
A surprising observation made last year while clearing the wardrobe: I have too many browns and grays. Mostly dark colours. Gotta lighten up! Feels kinda depressing if there's no brighter hues in there. Prints will also be very much welcome here. Especially floral and digital prints.

2. Feeling girly.
I am loving drapes and frills, lace and tulle. I'm constantly on the lookout for nice pieces with these elements. Affordable pieces. LOL.

3. The shorter is not always the better.
OK. I have embraced the maxi trend. Boho vibe is creeping under my skin! Haha. Good thing I'm liking it now, cuz it will come in handy whenever there's outings with the *skin exposure above the knee is obscene* kinda people.

4. Cut it. Subtle sexiness, anyone?
Not short skirts, not short shorts, not cleavage, but more of the cut-out kind of fashion. But not those that rocked the runways few seasons earlier. It's more of the subtle kind of cut outs. Laced-up backs, toga tops, sheer sleeves. Etc.

5. No impulse buys anymore.
Every shopaholic is guilty of that. :( But this time round, no more! Yes there are loads of pretty things out there but can't choose the same styles too many times. It will clog the wardrobe. So, gonna choose carefully. Especially shoes. I have still very limited choices.

6. It's all about having fun.
Layering, accessorizing, mixing up different trends or styles. This year I'm gonna stock up on hats?! Ok, just a thought. Would love to add a fitted blazer into the wardrobe. *still searching* Anyway due to Lookbook I already have tons of ideas. But procrastination is another issue.

This video has proven extremely helpful for a girl like me who loves scarves but has limited creativity. Eeks.

7. Dull skin be gone, too!
Not about clothes or accessories or bags and shoes.. This is about the skin condition. Using make up to cover up is so tedious and don't you just envy those who look good without slapping anything onto their face?

In my opinion, Michelle Phan looks pretty good sans make up. *through watching her videos*

8. Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere is not a Gucci bag or French-cut jeans; it's an open mind

The best accessory there is: a smile. A genuine one works better. :) Clothes may do so much to make one leave an impression, but a great personality is the one that often lingers.

P.S. The above collages do not belong to me.

A Glimpse

On Thursday, where I had PJK (health) class, the teacher told us we should not stress ourselves too much. "A student got so stressed he/she couldn't wake up for the SPM exam."


Well. The first week is over now. We've had almost the same old teachers as last year, but the difference was this year most of us were actually doing our homework in time for real.

This is the final year of high school life for many of us, and the year we're going to sit for SPM, the exam we mustn't do badly. It's the year we go into another crossroad, where choices must be made carefully. Results do matter for college applications.

And what shall I choose?

Psychology? Or other courses?

I'm going to the Edu Fair at KLCC tomorrow. Hope I get some more pointers. :D


End note: Complaining brings self satisfaction (quote a friend), but really for the people around you, it's tiring to hear. Especially if it's all unreasonable talk. There are so many ways one can view the circumstances, and wouldn't it so much better if you find the good in it? Instead of focusing on the bad side. There are so many bigger problems out there, and one cannot possibly grumble from one problem to the other. It's gonna bring you down, and then where's the fun in that?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cherish the present

It seems like in a blink of an eye, 2010 has ended and we're now starting afresh again. 2011!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have gotten a tat addicted to Tumblr, but I will not neglect Blogger of course. :)

New year, new beginnings. 2010 has been so far, the best year I've ever had. Though there were some downs, but let's not have that get too overwhelming. Really. Optimism is the word. Inside out.

Remember the kodak moments, learn from past mistakes and something new along the way, forgive those who did wrong to you, make new friends but keep the old ones, never hold grudges. Well, point is, no more regrets!

There's no time to waste, so gotta get started on making these new year resolutions happen yea :D

- Get full A's in SPM.
- Less procrastination.
- Active in both Tumblr and Lookbook.
- Not gonna stay up later than 12.30 am
- Continue living, loving, laughing through the year in style. :D

I'm looking forward to school starting again this coming Monday. My holidays aren't really exciting but at least I've done something that's been on my to-do list. :D Then probably won't be online so much anymore. But definitely will update from time to time. :)

So.. how are you people going to live it up? Do leave some words here. Haha.

BTW, this is an awesome song for New Year's. Duck Sauce's Barbra Streisand. No I don't know who's Barbra Streisand either.

Finally, 2011! You'll be much better than 2010 I trust.