Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas

I live in a haunted house,
a realm that reminds the living of coldness and death,
ghosts screaming into your ears,
tearing away all sanity you have left.

In time walls crumble down,
and slowly they eat away,
words laced with corrosion.

I have been living in a dream for so long,
and when I awake reality comes.
Ignorance of the emptiness is gone,
now I yearn.

I know everybody enjoyed their Christmas.
Maybe next year I can finally remember I had a happy one.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What now?

What happens to a person who has just ended her high school life and finished a major exam like SPM? 

SPM is over. High school life is over. Don't intend to take any part-time jobs because I want to savour my holidays fully before college starts in 3 weeks' time. I feel blank sometimes but I don't want to jump into studies so soon. I don't know. Life's a blur currently.

I don't miss school. I don't miss the lessons. But I miss having friends around. I miss the routine. Holidays used to drive me crazy because I had nothing much to do but now I'm trying to fill them up.

So. Here's what I did or am doing or am going to do:

  1. Read. After John Grisham's The Confession which I find a bit unsatisfying, Stephen King is next on the list. I just finished Full Dark, No Stars. Read a couple of stories from Nightmares and Dreamscapes then skipped to Duma Key. It's a really intimidating book because the beginning is a slow read and it's really thick! 
  2. Zuma. As of now I'm temporarily detached from Tetris because I have finally reached rank 99 in 2P. So Zuma it is. I reset my level (yes, I am that addicted) and now trying to level up, again as quick as possible. 
  3. Go on trips. I have just gotten back from my class trip at Malacca and nope, didn't get any decent pictures though the others did. Thank you for ruining my trip, 'monthly nuisance'. But hey, at least I had a bit of fun and a few awesome tops from Jonker Gallery. Another thing worthy of mention is that   while everyone is enjoying the scenery and taking pictures, I'm trying hard not to complain and curl up into a ball on the streets but still do sometimes. He willingly accompanied by my side throughout, probably bore the hell out of him with my occasional complains but he's there. Makes me awfully touched. :)  Next trip is going to be Penang after Christmas. Not terribly excited about it since I've been there loads of times and can't find anything interesting to do. :(
  4.  Take driving lessons, Undang test, etc. My Undang test is scheduled for this Sunday. I'm really, really worried about the sight test. -.- I also find driving terrifying, because I've had nightmares of me crashing (brakes wouldn't work, trees appear in front, things like that). I have bad hand-eye coordination, which makes it worse. Fingers crossed. 
  5. Stalk bloggers online. I can't get enough of Roz from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee or Chriselle from The Chriselle Factor. Call me shallow, whatever. I love these fashion blogger's eye for detail and impeccable style. Outfit coordination is like architecture, read that from somewhere I forgot. Some of them are also amazing people, like Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook who graduated with a Psychology degree and is working on juvenile issues. Wished she'd talk more about that. 
  6. Outings/ Shopping. I wanna go out with my girls!!! Where's the time? Where do we go? I wanna do it before college starts! Also, I am very in need of a wardroble makeover. Currently building a capsule wardrobe, which is made up of pieces that go with my style instead of pieces that go with the current trends. Gotta say no to t-shirts and more to blouses instead. It's quite challenging though when  you have a tight budget. 
  7. Blog/ Write. I used to write on a daily basis. But due to procrastination, I don't now. Occasionally if I have something pressing on my mind I write about it. Writing in my own notebook is more personal than blogging, of course but when I blog, I tend to be more careful on grammar and vocabulary, so it's good practice I suppose. 
  8. Find new songs to listen to. Constantly listening to Skrillex and Avicii gets me bored. So I mix up the dance stuff and indie stuff to keep it fresh. Youtube is the best place to discover new songs. There  are just so many links to click on! And I love the new layout ~ Really cool. 
Before I sign off, here's a song I put on repeat. Wonderfooled. What a lovely name. The video is also lovely and I've always loved ethereal vocals. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Buddy Bears!

Bears! Bears! Really cute bears! 
The Malaysian Buddy Bear. I find this very different with the other bears below, because to me, this one looked shocked upon gunpoint or something. 

Confession: I've developed a ritual of shopping before and after major exams. Just a day after my Chinese paper, I'm off to Bukit Bintang. Gosh, what a day. Started off with an embarrassing encounter with 'someone' which reminded me to not take KTM as much if I could.

OK. Back to Buddy Bears. At the time I was there, there was a huge crowd and loads of pro-looking photographers and some ribbon cutting ceremony going on. I didn't really get the whole deal except there were huge bears representing different countries on display. I only knew they were called Buddy Bears promoting peace by displaying them at different countries after reading the Star. @.@

As usual, Pavilion has lovely decor when it comes to different festive seasons.

Loving this candid pic taken by him. 

This was taken by a tourist who had a really fancy DSLR. She probably saw that I had trouble with angles when attempting to take a picture of both of us and offered to help. LOL.

And here's shots from an awesome Japanese restaurant Watami. 

Mine's the bowl of yellowish rice. Might not look much to you guys, but I absolutely love it. Makes my mouth water every time I see the pic. This delicacy had me waiting for 40 minutes can you imagine?! I got so impatient I just got out halfway to get my Nylon at Times. And there I saw 1Q84 translated into English and on sale. Gonna get it next week. :D

Splurged on DKNY Golden Delicious. Terribly guilty yet pleased now.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Diary entry of a shoe addict

I honestly don't remember how or when I got into this shoe addiction thing.

But nowadays.. Different shoes go with different outfits and there are some that look more like a piece of art that you just gotta have. Or collect. OK. I'm not at that stage of collecting shoes yet. Although those Alexander McQueen or Miu Miu shoes look really cool, I'll never get them even if I had the money. I go for functional shoes. :) And I still wear all of my shoes,  depending on what I'm wearing. And here's three of my recent buys. I've gotten a habit of photographing shoes before I wear them. Maybe so that I can look back at them if somehow a dog bites it into pieces or I lost one of the pair during some trip? Yes it may sound absurd but I have lost my shoes or one shoe on both accounts.

Three of my most recent buys. I predict a very long love affair with all of them. :D

Spotted this at Vincci and I just couldn't take my eyes off it! I'm loving Vincci a lot currently because they have the most adorable flats! The thing that put me off was the price. RM90?! Gorgeous shoes don't come at gorgeous prices I know. For a student like me, I could only bid it goodbye and walk away. And then I noticed that I could get it at 20% off. Not much, but enough. I swear I'm going to be really careful not to spoil it or let a dog spoil it or lose it on a trip. :x And I don't care if it's gonna be deemed old fashioned in the next few seasons. This is a long term investment!

My first pair of boots. Treats offer a lot of good looking shoes half the original price. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Whilst people pay probably over a hundred for boots, I'm paying a lot less. And it's really comfortable. It's also not that long so it's ok for the weather here. There were two choices, brown and black but I decided brown would be fine since if I were to have a black pair of boots, it would have to be edgier. He wondered whether I would actually wear it or if it was just another impulse buy. NOPE. I have a lot of existing clothes to go with this. :D

Heels usually hurt, yes. But this did not hurt at all. Most shoes I have (even the flats) cut into the back of my heel whenever I walk in them but since these are actually booties they don't cut. The material is also super comfortable. I've always wanted a pair of black, edgy booties and now I've got them! At Charles & Keith! Reminds me of a Giuseppe Zanotti design few seasons ago. That store has a lot of designer knock offs yet retain good quality. LOVE. The original price is definitely not for me but I got this at about 50% off?   Therefore, lesson learnt is never get shoes at the original price. Sales racks may sound unglamorous but they have their own gems. :D

Alright, I'm back to studying Physics. I'm feeling very motivated this week. I actually caught up with my schedule for the first time!  

Song of the moment:
Just discovered The Like recently and I'm hooked!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Clock's Ticking

What costume can you wear to scare me on Halloween? Maybe a SPM exam sheet with my name and a B. 

The countdown is on. Less than one month! I can't even afford a B. Nooooooooo. No I don't mind if in the end I don't get an A+ in Maths or English or Add Maths. But please, please don't let any brain-related mishaps happen during SPM and cost me a B! The horror?! OK, so I can afford a B for my Chinese paper because it's  not needed for the Sime Darby scholarship. But it would be so much better if I got an A for that too. :D

And yes I've finally settled those troublesome college affairs! No more worries on that for now. Methodist College it is. Was so worried that too many people will send in their application early and I wouldn't get a place! Or that they wouldn't have enough funds for the scholarship? Luckily forecast results could be used to get a full tuition fee waiver and had his help in getting my forecast results quicker. 

Too bad I'm not going to be in the same class with friends who are applying for the Jan intake as well. I'm probably the only one among them wanting psychology as a fourth subject (darn, I can't take economics or business studies -.- but oh well, psychology will help me get more understanding than peers when I take my degree?) So that makes me a half art half science student. I think that guy Eric said students like me go to the alpha group or something? 


Feeling Tritonal-ish today. His sounds never bores me out :D Love Christina Soto's voice too. This duo is perfect!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Konichiwa Tokyo Street

At 鼎泰丰, Pavilion. Mango shrimp is love :D

From A Slice of Heaven @ foodcourt of Pav

Outfit of the day ❤

Forever 21 knit top, Forever 21 necklace, Romp high waisted shorts, Vincci sequinned flats

This was something like a post trial shopping/ foodie trip. And who best to accompany me than him? Cuz I'll be going a lot of places and it's quite tiring for some people. And really thank gosh he was there because I ended buying a lot of stuff, which I'll probably show and talk about in another post. Not much sales, but then that's not my concern because I'm not interested in high street brands currently. I'll save that for Christmas @ Singapore. ;) H&M eh?

This was probably the most interesting trip ever because there were a lot of things to see, especially at Tokyo Street. Or outside Tokyo Street. Oh yea, Ode to Art is a really cool place to check out.

Also. I finally finished my Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson (r.i.p.). In about six days. Because it's that awesome. The characters can literally jump out of the book. Favourite has gotta be Lisbeth Salander. Incredible girl.

On my playlist
just discovered Michael Conway and he's got really good mixes. Not too much pumping beats, feels like listening to a cool breeze, whatever that sounds like.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I crave for food

After this post, I am so gonna dig into Biology.

Somewhere, patriotic folks were waving flags claiming their love for the country. Somewhere, people were studying really hard to ace their trials, their mind so into it they have completely forgotten what date it was. Me, I was out food-hunting with my mom and siblings.

Levain again. I'm never gonna get bored of this place. Third time here and I still can find something new to like. The apple tart, for example. Divine. :D

And that's me with the berries tart? Love.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

It's Suria KLCC's turn to revamp the mall. And I can't help saying so far everything looks good. Vincci is gonna reopen and Cache Cache will open there too. Can't wait. :D As for Isetan, it's got this open concept thing going on and the food market looks incredible. You get this very homey feel there. There's loads of people with huge DSLR's photographing every nook and cranny. Bloggers?

There's also a huge mushroom walking around. And I've seen kids walking up to it trying to take a bite. Adorable? :D

Bought some cakes there and I love the packaging. You can write whatever you want on the white space there. :D

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Meanwhile, things back at home.

I love the smell of new furniture. :x

Prepping. My brother finds candid shots hilarious. Especially those that have his feet in it.

Here comes the gushing.
After so many trips of searching for an affordable pair of high waisted shorts. I found it. Romp. Gosh. The right fit too. So many possibilities to pair with. So yesterday, paired it with a cropped top from Cotton On. Love how it's longer at the back. What I've seen on fashion sites they call it a mullet thing? And those pointed toe denim pumps hurt like hell. Well, anything that covers the back of my foot hurts. Even flats. Geez. The pumps were an impulse buy last year from Summit because they were so cheap. But I've come to love them because it looks kinda cute actually.

Florence + the Machine. She has an incredible voice. And yea she's not the kind of mainstream sexy pop star. That's like a bonus. I don't really get the lyrics at some parts (too poetic?), since this is supposed to be about Virginia Woolf's suicide in the river. Anyhow, this is the sort of song I'm gonna be humming all day. :D