Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rest, take more water, sleep early

I've been constantly hearing this nowadays.

Before camp, I had a cold and cough. After camp, I have gotten food poisoning and mild fever.

What does food poisoning feel like? Terrible. Something keeps getting stuck at the throat and everything you eat goes down the anus. LOL. And to get better one will have to stave off fruits and veggies. Anything that helps digestion = no-no.

Aah life without fibre is torturous.

But I managed to go out to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 today. With a very bad stomach. Harry Potter is awesome :D

And managed to eat these at Nippon Yataimura. :D No fibre. All carbs and fat. Geez.

Christmas is coming to malls early. Which means shop season is here too. GOSH EVERYTHING IS SO TEMPTING. Especially Charles & Keith. The bags and shoes are gorgeous. If only they slash everything at 50% off. *sighs*

See.. This is the Christmas tree at 1U. Look closer...

SK 3! xD

mom smiles like a nerd here. LOL


Finished a book lately. Which is hands down well written and has given me a whole new perspective on women rights. And I used to think war fiction was gonna give me headaches but this was really good. It was easy to understand the parts with Taliban and the Soviets and the Mujahideen, because they were seen from the characters' eyes, which were informative enough.

Mariam and Laila have proven to be strong even under all that war and domestic violence from their husband. The ending was sad and happy at the same time. Which is the perfect blend for me when it comes to my measure of good fiction. It's happy to know that Mariam's father finally repented but sad that he never get to say goodbye before he died. :(

It is mainly on the lives of two women in Afghan who face a difficult life especially after adulthood, which is at 15?! Then there is a very clear oppression on women after the Taliban where they are not allowed to work or walk out without a man beside (unfair and well, brainless really)

Simply tear-jerking.

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