Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

That's a random title. But it's a song by Kid Cudi which I really like. And Kid Cudi's other songs are cool too. :D

Anyway. Weekends are finally here and everyday is getting better. Though on Friday morning, I had a nightmare which seemed funny when I woke up. LOL. I was taking the Biology paper and everyone didn't want me to finish so the classmates keep stabbing my hands with their pencils. And they laughed whenever I cried. WTF. I have the craziest dreams ever.

Anyway. Managed to conceal those puffy eyes and went to Mid Valley with the parents. Turned out to be quite ok. And found this new shoe store Tiamo in Gardens. It's all flats made in Korea? And awfully cute. Even the store is cute. I love pastel hues.

Opening offers..... so. Bought a pair. :D

See? Even the packaging is cute. Haha.

And on Saturday after piano class.. This is what happened at McD's. Resulted from overloaded vampire shows.

Ketchup sauce is needed for special effects.

And lastly.. just hours ago today on a gloomy Sunday *as ZY puts it*.. went to the Terry Fox run. Met Cai Shan! Yes you can always see her on jogathons, marathons, anything for charity and the like. :D

And this, ladies and gents, is what's called guts. My brother kept staring at him. LOL

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