Friday, November 26, 2010

Of seeking approval and overdoing it

Me in my braces. Long ago. I'm having a gap in the front teeth now due to the rubber bands. Which is.. not supposed to happen. =.=

Anyway, back in the Friendster era, it's highly common to see comments that have a mention 'check out and comment on my photos'. It is so common that eventually people get sucked into that culture and do the same.

Then, it doesn't seem so bad anymore. Promoting yourself.

And apparently they still do it now. Sure nothing much wrong with cam-whoring. It can become a habit sometimes (trust me, I know LOL). And posting it up for vanity purposes, updating, making people laugh, etc. Asking people to check them out is nothing wrong too. Up to an extent. And when they comment or like, it feels good. Admit it, who doesn't get a secret thrill when someone likes the photo you chose so long to upload? ;p

But... geez. Asking people to like and comment pictures that only have you in it? Okay you may have the fancy shmancy photo editing going on or a new sexy dress. But. Seriously. It annoys people. We'll hit the 'like' button willingly.

What happened to subtlety?


  1. Okay... I was wrong about the braces...
    It's EPICLY smexy on you...! :O

  2. LOL. Why are you Anonymous?