Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookies and Cream

Awfully in love. The Christmas bug has bitten me. Someday I'm gonna celebrate a white Christmas. But meanwhile for yesterday, a gloomy rainy Tuesday may I add, I went to watch Let Me In, a horror remake. And had the chance to wore this dress for the first time. It's been in my wardrobe for probably a year! Polka dots on chiffon is darling! I really really love the way it looks in pictures, although someone keeps saying I should probably just stick to what? T shirt and jeans and sport shoes. (Does this image sound oddly familiar or what)

Nahh I love dresses. Not as restrictive as jeans. And at least I put on my red sequinned flats. Though it was still a pain on the back of the foot.

Movie was not bad. But I think I might like the original more. It was somewhat stuck between horror and romance and weird computer effects (when the girl was chomping down on her victims) but I like the relationship between the girl and her guardian/ ex lover/ dad?? What he did for her, was disturbing yet eerily lovable.

Story: Lonely frequently bullied boy Owen meets new neighbour who's also a vampire Abby. She lives with a man who religiously helps her to find food and cares for her. Eventually the two bond although Abby tries to leave him alone at first. The murders get found out and the man gets caught after a car crash, but in the end he sacrificed himself to feed Abby. Well, it was also the time he felt fitting to leave this enormous responsibility, I guess. Owen in turn replaces him. That's what the story implicates.

Favourite part was the car crash and the scene in the hospital after. Though it was kinda sad. And gross.

Chloe Moretz is a really good actress (despite the CGI on her) and the Owen kid conveys the mood well. Well. Having such an emo face is really enough for the mood. LOL.

All in all, this will be one of the films that will stick in the mind for a while. But not exactly long because there's still something left out that does not fully satisfy the audience aka me.

I wonder what movie I'm going to watch next.

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