Sunday, November 28, 2010


In conjunction with Children Week, Cartoon Week, whatever. *note those Facebook profile pictures which show cartoon characters*

I present. Mickey Mouse print legging. xD

My sister was very, very pissed off when she took this. Hence the bad quality.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long sleeve tops look great on anyone.

Domo is the cutest thing ever besides Danbo.

The holiday schedule:
- study all 11 subjects?!
- shop. OMG. The sales!
- sleep more. (sadly insomnia is still a bummer)
- finish reading a few books.
- update more on Lookbook. Like, finally.
- more shopping.
- more studying.

P.S. I'm just kidding about gifting Mentos.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Of seeking approval and overdoing it

Me in my braces. Long ago. I'm having a gap in the front teeth now due to the rubber bands. Which is.. not supposed to happen. =.=

Anyway, back in the Friendster era, it's highly common to see comments that have a mention 'check out and comment on my photos'. It is so common that eventually people get sucked into that culture and do the same.

Then, it doesn't seem so bad anymore. Promoting yourself.

And apparently they still do it now. Sure nothing much wrong with cam-whoring. It can become a habit sometimes (trust me, I know LOL). And posting it up for vanity purposes, updating, making people laugh, etc. Asking people to check them out is nothing wrong too. Up to an extent. And when they comment or like, it feels good. Admit it, who doesn't get a secret thrill when someone likes the photo you chose so long to upload? ;p

But... geez. Asking people to like and comment pictures that only have you in it? Okay you may have the fancy shmancy photo editing going on or a new sexy dress. But. Seriously. It annoys people. We'll hit the 'like' button willingly.

What happened to subtlety?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookies and Cream

Awfully in love. The Christmas bug has bitten me. Someday I'm gonna celebrate a white Christmas. But meanwhile for yesterday, a gloomy rainy Tuesday may I add, I went to watch Let Me In, a horror remake. And had the chance to wore this dress for the first time. It's been in my wardrobe for probably a year! Polka dots on chiffon is darling! I really really love the way it looks in pictures, although someone keeps saying I should probably just stick to what? T shirt and jeans and sport shoes. (Does this image sound oddly familiar or what)

Nahh I love dresses. Not as restrictive as jeans. And at least I put on my red sequinned flats. Though it was still a pain on the back of the foot.

Movie was not bad. But I think I might like the original more. It was somewhat stuck between horror and romance and weird computer effects (when the girl was chomping down on her victims) but I like the relationship between the girl and her guardian/ ex lover/ dad?? What he did for her, was disturbing yet eerily lovable.

Story: Lonely frequently bullied boy Owen meets new neighbour who's also a vampire Abby. She lives with a man who religiously helps her to find food and cares for her. Eventually the two bond although Abby tries to leave him alone at first. The murders get found out and the man gets caught after a car crash, but in the end he sacrificed himself to feed Abby. Well, it was also the time he felt fitting to leave this enormous responsibility, I guess. Owen in turn replaces him. That's what the story implicates.

Favourite part was the car crash and the scene in the hospital after. Though it was kinda sad. And gross.

Chloe Moretz is a really good actress (despite the CGI on her) and the Owen kid conveys the mood well. Well. Having such an emo face is really enough for the mood. LOL.

All in all, this will be one of the films that will stick in the mind for a while. But not exactly long because there's still something left out that does not fully satisfy the audience aka me.

I wonder what movie I'm going to watch next.

You Cannot Doubt My Grandma's Awesomeness.

Sure she's got a lil bit of a temper but everything of her adds up to awesomeness. :D

Which comes to the topic of today. Quirks and flaws and stuff like that.

It is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and that the world is made to be beautiful so there is no ugliness really, just the way you see it. For example, skinny has been seen as one of the qualities for being beautiful (in sense of people) but now curves are seen as beautiful. Well finally. Really. What's not to like?

And gap teeth. Freckles. Look at Lara Stone. Hayden Panettiere.

But well these are all just physical stuff anyway. Yea yea we all love to keep it looking great because looks inevitably become the first thing people judge on, but in the end, it all boils down to the inner that lights up everyone's attention for a longer time. So getting the best of both worlds would be a major plus for anyone.

Beauty without intelligence. Not much of use really.

Knowingly people still get insecure. And focus more on the outside. And it is an obstacle that once removed, can build a whole lot of good stuff. It leads to negativity and then nothing can be achieved.

I do hope I get rid myself these twisted thoughts to distract myself(you have no idea how some people can just trigger me immediately) and get going. And maybe really set my path. There are still many decisions needed to make and there's no time to be negative. Or give up early.

We'll see how that goes.

Gosh this is what happens when it comes to the holidays and I can't pull myself away from the com. Hence this post.

P.S. Marilyn Manson though still scares me but the songs are god dang awesome.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I heart you.

gosh I love tumblr.

Shoe Person All the Way

Hell yeah shoes. My mom's complaining about my collection now. It's too tempting. I love them all.

I'm gonna go hunt for my first pair of ankle boots. Anyone kind enough feel free to gift me one for Christmas. :)

And the above Giuseppe Zanotti is just for display purpose. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

they have the perfect backdrop.

So I went to my cousin's one year old birthday celebration yesterday. And almost dozed off until I went out to the apartment swimming pool.

Outfit all from one of my favourite stores - Forever 21. And wearing my new heels bought at 1U for the first time. LOVE.

this is the older cousin here. She's very bossy.

And took advantage of the scenery there.

There's even a BBQ terrace there. LOL. And while taking pictures gotten a lot of mosquito bites. :(

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rest, take more water, sleep early

I've been constantly hearing this nowadays.

Before camp, I had a cold and cough. After camp, I have gotten food poisoning and mild fever.

What does food poisoning feel like? Terrible. Something keeps getting stuck at the throat and everything you eat goes down the anus. LOL. And to get better one will have to stave off fruits and veggies. Anything that helps digestion = no-no.

Aah life without fibre is torturous.

But I managed to go out to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 today. With a very bad stomach. Harry Potter is awesome :D

And managed to eat these at Nippon Yataimura. :D No fibre. All carbs and fat. Geez.

Christmas is coming to malls early. Which means shop season is here too. GOSH EVERYTHING IS SO TEMPTING. Especially Charles & Keith. The bags and shoes are gorgeous. If only they slash everything at 50% off. *sighs*

See.. This is the Christmas tree at 1U. Look closer...

SK 3! xD

mom smiles like a nerd here. LOL


Finished a book lately. Which is hands down well written and has given me a whole new perspective on women rights. And I used to think war fiction was gonna give me headaches but this was really good. It was easy to understand the parts with Taliban and the Soviets and the Mujahideen, because they were seen from the characters' eyes, which were informative enough.

Mariam and Laila have proven to be strong even under all that war and domestic violence from their husband. The ending was sad and happy at the same time. Which is the perfect blend for me when it comes to my measure of good fiction. It's happy to know that Mariam's father finally repented but sad that he never get to say goodbye before he died. :(

It is mainly on the lives of two women in Afghan who face a difficult life especially after adulthood, which is at 15?! Then there is a very clear oppression on women after the Taliban where they are not allowed to work or walk out without a man beside (unfair and well, brainless really)

Simply tear-jerking.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness

That's a random title. But it's a song by Kid Cudi which I really like. And Kid Cudi's other songs are cool too. :D

Anyway. Weekends are finally here and everyday is getting better. Though on Friday morning, I had a nightmare which seemed funny when I woke up. LOL. I was taking the Biology paper and everyone didn't want me to finish so the classmates keep stabbing my hands with their pencils. And they laughed whenever I cried. WTF. I have the craziest dreams ever.

Anyway. Managed to conceal those puffy eyes and went to Mid Valley with the parents. Turned out to be quite ok. And found this new shoe store Tiamo in Gardens. It's all flats made in Korea? And awfully cute. Even the store is cute. I love pastel hues.

Opening offers..... so. Bought a pair. :D

See? Even the packaging is cute. Haha.

And on Saturday after piano class.. This is what happened at McD's. Resulted from overloaded vampire shows.

Ketchup sauce is needed for special effects.

And lastly.. just hours ago today on a gloomy Sunday *as ZY puts it*.. went to the Terry Fox run. Met Cai Shan! Yes you can always see her on jogathons, marathons, anything for charity and the like. :D

And this, ladies and gents, is what's called guts. My brother kept staring at him. LOL

Friday, November 5, 2010

Art on your Feet.

He is my latest obsession.

OK. Maybe just the shoes.

But he is the man behind my obsession. :D


The geometrical shapes and the bold colours have definitely caught my eye!

Lastly, this is the pair that got me hooked. I saw this on Sarah Jessica Parker and I didn't think it was real. Because the colours just popped from the screen. That's how amazing his shoes are.