Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Notes for Exam

This would need you to imagine what it would be like when the results are out. First, it would suck if your friends did better. Secondly, there's THAT look from your parents and their conspiracy theories on why you didn't do well. Ok. Done. Back to studying.

Yes. It's coming. No. Please don't use swear words cuz you're frustrated. :)

Clock is ticking. Stay off the computer!

Finally. Just chill out. :)


He says I'm not mentioning his name enough here. LOL. OK, for you to syok yourself, here you go...

Monday was great. :D Maybe it's because I slept earlier so I have lots of energy to concentrate and play around. :p My accounts teacher *MR. ALWIN TAN* yawns more than I do during the whole session. Then still can get cramps in the legs. Kesian. We should have more breaks in between next time. x) Then I can go kacau Cedric. Love that lil kid loads. Maybe I can take him home someday. ;p

Our biggest laugh of the day: we have proved you're normal. *our inside joke lol*

Sorry la sayang. I know I'm slow. But anyway thank you for your patience and tolerance. :)

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