Saturday, October 23, 2010

I want it. I can have it.

Stop grumbling. Continue striving. Can't make it? Then keep trying. And not just really say 'I tried' but really putting your ass in it. LOL.

*which most of us are still not really doing. Well probably until next year when we have SPM*

Life goes on.

My Chinese paper should probably sucked. But I totally enjoyed writing my essay. I have been reading quite a lot of books on positivity. And so I chose 'Happiness is in Your Hands'.

Ideas came from Mitch Albom and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. LOL. Too bad I couldn't really translate much of it. But the main idea was look at things the optimistic way, appreciate and be grateful, and strive for the best with the right reasons.

Next week is going to be torturous! All those science subjects. Yea sure I like them but will need a longer time to get them in my head. Even if tips are rolling in like crazy but most are not much use cuz the brain just goes blank at the most inconvenient times. LOL.

Luck to everyone! x)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Loves for the Week

1. Danbo
*credits Yeen for mentioning or I'd never know =.=*

2. Wippenberg
*awesome DJ I stumbled upon. The trance beats are totally sick! recommends Promised Land, Front and Pong.*


Finally I've started revision without too much breaks.

Dedicated to Mrs. Xiah

Dear Yi Xin who has finally turned 16 on October 9th. Our very small birthday party was held in her house where she totally went hyper.

Bev and YX acting cool~

Yun Zhen and YX.

MEEEEEEEEEEEE and YX acting cool again. :D

Group shots.

Food was good, cake was awesome, then there was karaoke session. LOL. I would really love to upload her dancing to Mirotic in the living room. x)


Again. Happy birthday! Pressie coming soon. x)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Notes for Exam

This would need you to imagine what it would be like when the results are out. First, it would suck if your friends did better. Secondly, there's THAT look from your parents and their conspiracy theories on why you didn't do well. Ok. Done. Back to studying.

Yes. It's coming. No. Please don't use swear words cuz you're frustrated. :)

Clock is ticking. Stay off the computer!

Finally. Just chill out. :)


He says I'm not mentioning his name enough here. LOL. OK, for you to syok yourself, here you go...

Monday was great. :D Maybe it's because I slept earlier so I have lots of energy to concentrate and play around. :p My accounts teacher *MR. ALWIN TAN* yawns more than I do during the whole session. Then still can get cramps in the legs. Kesian. We should have more breaks in between next time. x) Then I can go kacau Cedric. Love that lil kid loads. Maybe I can take him home someday. ;p

Our biggest laugh of the day: we have proved you're normal. *our inside joke lol*

Sorry la sayang. I know I'm slow. But anyway thank you for your patience and tolerance. :)