Sunday, September 26, 2010


*coughing all the way*

One week ended.
Skipped school for piano class. Went to the Mid Autumn festival charity fair @ previous primary school on Saturday. :D Gosh it was so crowded. Few pix here :)

While queuing for the scary house. Damn. RM6 wasted for not-so-scary mask-wearing fellow school mates trying to scare us. And this lil bugger here even kicked one of their hands. :X

Regretted letting YZ delete her take here. :X

We have retarded smiles. LOL

Sushi King loves him now :D

And there was the McDonald Olympic Day run on Sunday. What a coincidence to meet Zhi Yeung there. :D *bully* xD
7km! Felt like giving up after just 2km + lol. Didn't warmed up enough. :X but didn't stopped! Finally finished it. *yay*

Should run more next time though. XD

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