Sunday, September 26, 2010


*coughing all the way*

One week ended.
Skipped school for piano class. Went to the Mid Autumn festival charity fair @ previous primary school on Saturday. :D Gosh it was so crowded. Few pix here :)

While queuing for the scary house. Damn. RM6 wasted for not-so-scary mask-wearing fellow school mates trying to scare us. And this lil bugger here even kicked one of their hands. :X

Regretted letting YZ delete her take here. :X

We have retarded smiles. LOL

Sushi King loves him now :D

And there was the McDonald Olympic Day run on Sunday. What a coincidence to meet Zhi Yeung there. :D *bully* xD
7km! Felt like giving up after just 2km + lol. Didn't warmed up enough. :X but didn't stopped! Finally finished it. *yay*

Should run more next time though. XD

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sinfully Tempting

I have truly become a subdued shopper.

No, really.

Without Hei's constant enthusiasm chirping beside me and lack of space, my purchases have dropped. I even made myself to not browse blogshops so much because I am not handling my account. Haha. But occasionally... I am still very tempted that there are things you can get online which are much more affordable and would look so so awesome on yourself.

But this website Iwearsin has the chic-est dresses ever. *want want want want*

Really would like another shopping fix before the exam comes. Maybe get a scarf or something. x)

Girls can never stop loving shopping ;)

Today You Should Play with Fire

Remember the days when we were so psyched to hold those paper lanterns and walk around the neighborhood? Nahh not now. Tuition. More tuition. More revision. *finals are around the corner to scare us students silly*

But it's a must to taste those mooncakes ~ I am especially loving those jelly ones x) and 'bing pi' mooncakes. Just a lil bite cuz most are too sweet ><

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Con Molto Anima

In case you're wondering, it means 'with much spirit'

Thus, con molto anima, I'm gonna study theory now. Finally. Grade 8. Whoa.

And back to replying someone who's desperately in need. ;p


oh. P.S. I WANT A CHAMBRAY SO BADLY. *denim long sleeve shirt* tomorrow! :D

Slightly Forgotten

Glad to say that the holidays are finally here. I miss waking up at 10 or 11. LOL. And come fall there are a lot of new seasons of shows airing soon. Example: Vampire Diaries season 2. *excited* Who doesn't love bad boy Ian Somerhalder anyway?

2 weeks will be filled with preparations for grade 8 practical *gonna start lessons soon*, school revision *exam's a month + away*, retail therapy *confessed shopaholic I am :X*, tv shows *Gossip Girl s4, Vampire Diaries s2 anyone?*.

Hmm. Anything missed out?