Friday, August 13, 2010

A for...

I love my new necklace ~ Got me into camwhoring mode. LOL.

Appreciate it loads. :D It's a reminder of many little things that matters.


Notes for exam:

1. Practice zen. No distraction.

2. Sudden brain malfunctions is not an excuse to stop reading.

3. Love thy enemy.

4. Thou will be rewarded with long awaited retail therapy after. *mega sales wait for meeeeeeeeeeee*

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outings *love*

Tao @ Sunway Giza on Sunday *a month+ ago?*

Had Japanese buffet for lunch. Awesome :D

Pesta Ria at St. Mary secondary on Sunday *2 weeks ago?*

movie outing (Eclipse) @ Jusco on Saturday *3 weeks ago?*

Friday, August 6, 2010

Next Time Don't Let Go ~

I'm keeping everything to myself so much recently. Haha.

Time flies so fast. Again. Everything's in a fast motion blur, and we're not moving fast enough. Half a year has passed and it feels like just yesterday we spent our CNY. And we usually say this when...

Exam's coming up.

A light moment of reflection and suddenly you realize it's almost the time you will reach one of the first crossroads in life *next year* and which path you'll take, whether what you are doing now will help you in the long run and what changes have gone on the past few months.

For me, this year's definitely eye-opening.

Other than realizing studies now really need studying *unlike PMR where the last 2-3 weeks is good enough* and that one should focus on cherishing your own babes not think about what strangers might think *I LOVE YOU ALL*.. I also found out that I'm not exactly as healed as I thought I was.

The dreams that I had at 14 and shattered and still want to stick the pieces back together despite how much I know it's impossible. You know why? Because I thought I'd never find something just like it again.

Not anymore now. I've dropped my insecurities. There are a lot of guys I met along the way of truly waking up, and even though I never really gave them much of my time, they reminded me so many things that you could have done but did not *thus the failure after months of games between us*

Thank you. Because of you I'm not easily trusting anyone. Flattery doesn't work on me. You have really opened my eyes. And actually it's a good thing that I'm not falling so easily anymore. I have lots of time in front of me. I just need my peeps. They are all awesome people :DD

And along the way, I now have someone who's truly good for me. I doubted all the time that it's just a phase *come on we're all just 16, nobody makes these promises and keep them for so long*. But after today, my doubts have dropped to an all time low. Looking forward for all the tomorrows. :D

No worries. If all else fails, I still have my awesome peeps.