Monday, June 7, 2010

Stop and Stare

Playlist: Morgan Page feat Jason Mraz - Make It Mine, Kopi Luwak feat Tiff Lacey - Far and Away, Tydi feat Nadia Ali - Fine Print

Because trance is the best way to cure indoor depression. :)

Pointless to linger on the subject. So I'm going to re do a list of what to do. Hopefully I'm going to achieve this.

Interested in:
a) Look out for the Reebonz 99% off sale. Yes I RSVP-ed. I need bags and here is one that offers branded bags off 99%. It's insane. LOL.

b) The very needed after-exam retail therapy which I am still desperately waiting for. Holidays are a bummer. Everyone gets to go out and I can't.

c) Planning my birthday-reunion outing. Though I'm now starting to fear it's not gonna happen due to... again. I MISS SIE AND YZ. T~T

d) Posting decent stuff on Chictopia. I've been procrastinating way too long.

More of an Obligation but well:
a) I did say before I'll do 20 questions for my Grd 8 Theory. I even highlighted it so I won't dismiss it.

b) And I told him I was gonna study Add Math and Physics.

c) More stretching? LOL

For the meantime, I am checking out Miss Pandora's blog. Awesome style. :D And it all exudes French chic yea ~ wondering when I can have my own room decor? Mine now is too small for anything LOL

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