Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just Heavenly ;p

Sorry for the hiatus babes. Back in biz now. :)

During the past weeks... this is what happened.

At the Sime Darby Convention Centre. For my cheque!! LOL. Actually the money's for my PMR results. :D

and a happy belated birthday to myself. :D

This is from the Japanese cake shop at Isetan Suria. It's 'mango cheese' but personally I prefer peach cheese but they are out of it. :( I should really have stick to Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana. *i miss youuuuuuuuuuu* x)

Then... there was this. On the last day of my school holidays.

au naturale.


Well, yea.. I have gotten... Katy bangs. LOL

and it was actually for camouflaging a stupid bite mark. *yeeks*
and attending this...

Kasturi's Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang 2010..

After that... food hunting time!
Found very, very awesomely delish tarts at Lot 10.

There are lots of flavours available, and there's another outlet at Pavilion too. Gosh I miss those tarts. Especially when they are warm :D

Went to Jaya One to get my photos but found out it was closed for the day. Darn. And the guy said they are open that day. Emergency leave? LOL.

Anyway... The hightlight of the day. A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly, open at Jaya One. :D

In absolute love with the banana cream pie. I have always loved custard. LOL. I'm definitely going again to get it :D and doesn't the cupcake keeps reminding me of Jacobs' Daisy. :p

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