Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fact 101: Surprises Can Be Good........ Or Not So Pleasant


On one beautiful Wednesday, around 10 am in the morning, I got the biggest surprise ever. :D

One tiny little thing no bigger than a cookie was given to me.

Never underestimate the size of things. This little baby is extremely useful and given thoughtfully.

The look on the giver's face while explaining what the little thing contained = priceless. And I am still in utter awe. Three little letters "OMG" cannot fully describe my feelings at that time. *hugs*!

No I'm not giving it back. ;p


Some time after 6pm, I got a call. And because curiosity indeed kills the cat, I listened to what the caller had to say.

Apparently, it's Hafiz from Fly FM. And I was on the Flirty show, where people ask the radio for help to date someone.

"This person has liked you since you were in form 1. He's said you are ********* (a number of very cheesy descriptives) and that you have a lot of attention from guys (dude seriously.) Do you know who this guy is?"

Only two people came to my mind. And only one person who would do this that I thought of. He told me before he listened to this station and I thought it was him. And when Hafiz asked me to give a letter of the name it could be, he hinted it could be Z or Y or X. I was starting to bite my nails. Could my intuition be correct?

Apparently it wasn't anyone I thought of.

In fact, it was another guy who told me he had a girlfriend.

When said admirer came to speak (it's a 3 way conversation), I still don't know who he was. Until he said his name. And I paused for a while before recognition kicked in.

The rest of the conversation consisted of said admirer saying he doesn't have a girlfriend (he's just doing it to make me jealous.. @.@) and Hafiz's analogy of shy guys and territorial dogs who pee on places to make it theirs. O yea, I was even involved in some so called love triangle. *ahem*

And finally there was the inevitable.

"Would you go on a date with him? There are four free movie passes to XXXX movie and you can even invite your other admirer to go and watch it."

I was thinking o shit. How can I escape this. So I just said it's fine I'll look at the timing and see if I can make it. (I am the biggest liar ever I know) But on the other hand, my timing is just not suitable. I am a constantly grounded 16 year old what do you expect? ;p

And to make it more entertaining, Hafiz still had to add in sentences like "this is a very dangerous game" and "who will win the war". *SMACKS HEAD* yea yea very funny.

This is so ironic. I used to listen to these conversations and laugh out loud. Because the whole thing is pointless. Just because you subject the person to national radio doesn't mean you'll win that person's approval.

And then I found out he was getting a kick out of this. Attention grabbing stunt anyone?

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