Friday, March 26, 2010

Tik Tok. Time's Up.

It came and went like a breeze. And now I've already faced the music aka my exam results. Haven't done a blog on my hols yet, which is quite a lot of stuff to say here. So better get started early.

FML. My results sucked. Now Imma try to pay more attention to studying in class, especially Bio, no matter what methods the teacher's using. LOL

So anyway.. back to the topic.. Saturday.. last last Saturday I think? Went to that Summit Popular book clearance. It's freaking big sales ~ up to 90% off and for a girl who's desperate for a quick cheap but good read fix... this is paradise. LOL! Though I didn't buy that much. Around RM120+ spent... on this. I BOUGHT ALICE! ahahhahahah. I am forever in love with this classic. Though I kinda regret buying 2 A Series of Unfortunate Events.. I got attracted by the book cover and the price I suppose. It was kinda too kiddy type for me. Haha. But anyway it was a good read.

O yea and there was this creepy Chinese dude with a freaky moustache who's like, what? Keep staring at me. Watthefudge. Like everytime I'm looking up or looking for my aunts or something, he's watching me. Damn. Or maybe I was just imagining things? No way. That was creepy. After getting my books, went to Starbucks to get my hazelnut hot chocolate! Suddenly I'm not so loving the frappuchino. O yea. I never really order coffee when I go there. Just for the other drinks and an occassional dessert. Apple crumble! :D

The best for the last? zOMG this is like my first time ever stepping into TRS. I was tagging along and then browsing lazily when I saw really cute stuff. Haha. The Chocolate and Hot Stuff tee's are super cute! xD I'm loving the graphics and illustrations. Imma go get some next time. There was one with a chilli bottle pointing to itself saying: "I'm HOT." aah. CUTE. Ok, I have to stop repeating that word.

Needless to say, I bought myself a top. Promod! Gosh. Love the prints on my new brown tank. Then I had to drag my sister Albee along to get something. I love her choice more. She bought a striped tank which oddly reminded me of Tweedledum/Tweedledee. Except this one was blue-black stripes. Too bad they didn't have my size.. >.<
They didn't finish their popcorn so have to bring it along.. And somehow I find it amusing?!

These are just freaking awesome. Dumplings?

Yun Zhen's fried mee. xD

This is the Korean pose? haha.

I'm loving my noodles. :D yum ~

Gelato Fruity ~ On the way to Old Wing.. we had to have some dessert. And no, we did not suffer from tummy aches even if we mixed up strangely coloured ice cream scoops.

We got bored after just sitting there.

O yea. I SAW A UNION JACK STUDDED BAG! Awesome! It looked so cool ~ haha. Black and grey.. Should I? Should I? But I'd love it if it were in you know, red n blue and white, not just studded. I don't know I really liked it! Maybe I should get it soon. :p (<<>.<) I was full of blunders that day! totally EMBARASSING. Examples: I dropped my phone, then bumped into the glass door of Forever 21. I slipped my denim platform on the elevator and Yi Xin had to pick it up for me to wear it back. I tripped. Et cetera. =.=

Conclusion: we are a super crazy bunch. All the time we're like laughing and joking like mad.. and since there was a lot of time.. we spent it *snap snap snap* taking pictures. IN FRONT OF XIXILI. LMAO. And I was suggesting we go point at it and do a funny pose or something.. =.= Overall, a great way to spend White Valentine's. Yes, it's 3.14. X)

so.. on Wednesday.. which was.. *ahem* my sister Albee's birthday, the whole family except the guys went to Pavilion to catch Alice (yes I watched it again) 2D and grab some stuff to eat.

I gotta say, I am very disappointed.

Actually this is my first time watching a movie in Pav, and I was having good expectations. You know, this is freaking Pavilion, must be on par with One Utama or Cineleisure right?


Sadly, there were a lot of smokers there. Hanging outside the cinema, outside Redbox. And they are all Malay kids. Not girls, all guys. And all acting cool like smoking is cool. No! I am anti-smoking kkay. Omigosh how can you guys do that your own health and wallets? =.=

Anyway. We went to TGI there.. And... surprise surprise ~ The waiters love to sing out loud while going around tables.. and my mom was complaining about the atmosphere. Haha ~

Our food stuffs. And the dessert... forgot to took pictures. Well. The chocolate fudge brownie was awesome but the mini ones were not so nice. Sis said the caramel one tasted like toothpaste. LMAO ~ End result: a very scary bill. >.<

The other days were spent on9-ing et cetera. I've been browsing a lot of profiles/webs/blogs lately and now I'm on a project. Tee-hee. Hope it works out. :D

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